There’s nothing more unknown and enthralling to mankind than outer space. Despite numerous exploration efforts, what lies beyond the clouds has remained mysterious and largely unexplored. Of course, some watch brands have found ways to bring the sky to your wrist, most commonly by incorporating the moon phase complication, but some have taken it a step much further with something a bit more intimate: Meteorite watches.

Obviously, meteorites are extremely rare and not all of them are suitable for watchmaking. While a considerable number fall to earth each year, only less than two percent of them belong to the ‘irons’ category that can be used in watches. Often times, the size of these usable meteorite fragments is not even large enough for watchmaking.

But beyond the rarity and complexity of meteorite watches, the extraterrestrial metal has been symbolic of the infinite nature of time and space. For centuries, scientists, philosophers, religious figures and physicists have come to agree that meteorites are proof of eternity. Almost prophetic then, that the material be chosen to become the dials that we read time from.

From the 5 stunning meteorite watches we’ve chosen below, you’ll notice a vast difference in texture and colours. Like people, each meteorite is one-of-a-kind, which makes these timepieces even more covetable.