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Fuoriserie Co brings wrecked supercars back to life through its timepieces

Wrecking a supercar — or even a sports car for that matter — usually hurts the heart as much as it does to your wallet. It’s always a thrilling yet dangerous experience when travelling at insanely high speeds. And if you ever lose focus or control, it results in an accident. But fret not as Fuoriserie Co is capable of bringing your wrecked supercar back to life, somewhat.

Fuoriserie Co
The Fuoriserie Co Rosso Red is made from salvaged parts of a Ferrari 348 TB.

Its tagline speaks for itself — ‘Driving Time Further’. Fuoriserie Co hails from Sydney, Australia and only recently established itself back in 2018. As an indie watchmaker, its name loosely translates from Italian to English as “mechanically bespoke”, and that is what it’s all about.

Fuoriserie Co combines vintage aesthetics of classic cars back when it was still an analogue process while featuring modern performance and affordability. The matter of which it creates its watches is unique; it goes junkyard scrapping to gather parts. But not just any parts, it looks for supercars that are beyond repair and gives it a new lease in life.

Each and every timepiece created by Fuoriserie Co is individual in its own way. All of its watches incorporates salvaged and recycled parts from two famous sports cars, an Aston Martin Rapide and a Ferrari 348 TB. By incorporating its doors and bonnets into the manufacturing of its watches, Fuoriserie Co has managed to bring the cars back to life with a limited run of only 300 watches.

So far, the brand only has two watches under its belt. There’s the Rosso Red, which is made out of the Ferrari while the Storm Black incorporates pieces from the Aston Martin. No two watches are the same as each timepiece is different due to the variation of the patina in the recycled dials. This allows the watches to tell its own story while featuring a design that pays homage to the car it came from.

Fuoriserie Co
The Fuoriserie Co Storm Black is made from salvaged parts of an Aston Martin Rapide.

Both the Rosso Red and the Storm Black are available at only 150 pieces each. Both watches are currently retailing at AUD450 (approx. RM1,263.25). Both watches come in only one size, 42mm and each and every piece have a visibly unique difference to its design.

All images courtesy of Fuoriserie Co.

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