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Here’s how the Hermes Arceau Cavales brings playful charm to a classic design

Hermès made its SIHH debut earlier this year, bringing an unexpected and interesting light-heartedness to the renowned annual watch fair with its new iconic square Carré H model and the colourful Arceau Casaque collection. A younger sister to this line, the Hermès Arceau Cavales follows a similar whimsicality and playful flair; a quality that is quickly becoming a distinctly Hermès version of time.

The Hermès Arceau Cavales watches in Chantilly

With the latest Arceau Cavales models, La Montre Hermès presents a classic watch in many ways. Originally designed in 1978 by the legendary artistic director Henri d’Origny, the timepiece holds all the traditional characteristics of a classic dress watch, and yet bears a paradox between rigorous discipline and creative boldness in its design. This is evident in the signature asymmetrical lugs, reminiscent of stirrups, and the smooth curves of the equestrian motif.

A playful relationship with time, the Arceau Cavales is discreet and fancy-free, and yet bears the elegant ability to never take itself too seriously.

Hermès Arceau Cavales steel case with diamonds and lacquer in black (THB 354,200)

The 28mm and 36mm quartz movement models feature a light gem setting within its inner bezel ring, using either 60 or 70 diamonds to light up the mother-of-pearl marquetry dial, bringing the famed Cavales motif to shine. The patchwork-like image appears busy but not disruptive, and artistic without being overpowering.

The new 28mm model also appears with 56 diamonds, this time on its bezel, as opposed to inside of it. On the black model, the deep black dial combines a champlevé technique with lacquering to bring forward the Cavales motif in sleek simplicity. All models feature a matte single tour alligator strap in black or in Chantilly.

Steel case with diamonds and mother-of-pearl marquetry in white, GM size (THB 359,600) and PM size (THB 299,100)

Sparkling and yet subtle, the Arceau Cavales watches pay tribute to the Henri d’Origny original 1978 and 1991 designs, as well as the skill of the in-house watchmaking artisans. Practical, functional, and a unique outlook on the passing of time. As the French leather goods and fashion powerhouse puts it, “rather than measuring, ordering, and seeking to control it, Hermès dares to explore another time, designed to arouse emotions, open up interludes and create spaces for spontaneity and recreation.” Dreamy whilst still remaining contemporary, the Arceau Cavales is a casual and telling timepiece for the modern individual with style.

For more information, please visit www.hermes.com.

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