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How to start your very own luxury watch collection

Building a collection is never easy. It takes time, money, and patience to grow something from scratch, especially if it’s a hobby you’re passionate about. While collecting cars and paintings are a painstaking process, luxury watches are slightly easier in that regard. But if you don’t know where to begin, allow us to guide you on how to start your very own luxury watch collection.

luxury watch collection
Rolex is one of the more popular brands to first add to your collection. (Image: SCMP)

There are many paths one can take when starting a luxury watch collection. One important rule of thumb is picking a theme and sticking with it. This allows you to narrow down your choices to a particular style of watch, which will then open up many other avenues.

Some of the more popular themes include aviation and diving timepieces, or even sticking to a particular brand. Of course, if you’re looking to include the big three, you best be ready to invest a hefty amount on a small number of watches.

Of course, to get started on a specific theme, one will have to put in some work. Think copious amounts of research done beforehand, studying a brand’s history and heritage, as well as what it means to wear its timepieces on your wrist. Another perspective is that you will already be spending a small fortune on a luxury watch — you may as well make it worth your time and money.

Also, be sure to buy and collect only what you will appreciate even years after. If you can’t see yourself wearing it in a few years, it isn’t the watch for you. Many collectors would purchase a luxury watch for the sole purpose of it being limited-edition or trendy. Don’t make that same mistake; purchase only watches you will like, whether it’s minimalist and simple or even outrightly filled with various complications.

By doing so, you will avoid the pitfalls that many early collectors do by starting big and not knowing where to go from there. Be sure to read up as much about watches as you can before deciding on which piece to get. Different brands appeal to different people; there is no use in mindlessly following the trends of what everyone is wearing on their wrist.

One of the more popular brands that many would collect plenty of is Rolex. (Image: Square Mile)

The beauty of collecting watches is that it allows you to appreciate more brands over time. Instead of sticking to one throughout your years of collecting, you can opt to have a few timepieces from several brands, thus giving your collection an even greater variety.

Lastly, one of the most important rules when starting a luxury watch collection is to have fun with it and not be a snob. Nobody likes a collector who blatantly shows off their timepiece at every chance they get. The beauty of collecting luxury watches is to learn more about why these haute horlogerie pieces are worth every penny. Appreciate every watch that is being made whether it’s from Switzerland, Italy, or Japan.

In the end, collecting luxury watches is all about growing the community as a whole, which in turn allows collectors to learn more from one another. Don’t be that person whom nobody wants to be associated with because of your attitude towards another collector.

How to start your very own luxury watch collection

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