Watches are the last thing you should take at face value. Just like how a minimalistic looking watch can contain several haute complications within, a dial with a busy face could be deceptively basic within. These convertible watches are testament to that fact.

Equal parts functional and intriguing, convertible watches have the ability to transform themselves in appearance and/or function on demand. While this may sound like a concept well-honed by technology, the origins of convertible watches are actually well-steeped in time, when soldiers reworked their pocket watches into wristwatches via cupped leather holders. Later on in 1910, the now-defunct Gruen Watch Co. made pocket watches for ladies with silk ribbons attached so it could be worn on the wrist or around the neck.

Now, convertible watches do much more than vary in the way it could be worn. The dials flip over or transform at the the touch of a button, revealing a whole new face and a fresh perspective on timekeeping. Others convert into bracelets to do double duty as jewellery, while some are removable pocket watches, so you can relive Downtown Abbey in the comfort of your own office.

From the downright simple to the overwhelmingly complicated, here are some you need to include in your collection right now.