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Kross Studio unveils a limited edition ‘Space Jam’ watch and we love it

Kross Studio might be a young one in the world of watchmaking but it’s using its youth to great advantage. 

Unlike brands who have century-long legacies and heritage to preserve, this indie name is making a name for itself by marrying pop culture with watchmaking — and it’s having tons of fun in the process. Fresh after its Death Star Tourbillon — a glorious tribute to the Empire’s ultimate weapon — the Swiss-based collective of five entrepreneurs have their sights set on another blockbuster revival: Space Jam. 

Designed to commemorate the 16th July theatrical release of “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” the limited edition Kross Studio Space Jam Tourbillon is a playful tribute to the classic animation and basketball, with details that fans of both will thoroughly enjoy. 

Based on the same platform as the Star Wars special, this 45mm timepiece sees a Grade 5 titanium case that’s been rounded and brushed to form a smooth, pebble-like case, without a traditional crown to interrupt the silhouette. Instead, the watch uses a folding D-ring style crown that’s mounted flush against the sapphire display caseback. A flush pusher at three o’clock swaps between winding and time-setting functions.

The central tourbillon remains to be the focal point in this timepiece, with a hemispherical basketball-shaped cage over it that lends plenty of visual depth. That’s not all the mechanical quirks Kross Studio has to show for; the hands are built on a planetary gear system that sees both hands supported from below, creating the illusion that they’re floating above the outer ring gear. 

While the minute hand takes on a simple  skeleton paddle design, the hour hand take the sporty theme further by resembling a basketball court’s free throw lane. It travels around an outer ring that’s finished with bright basketball orange PVD — again, a nod to the theme. 

It’s on the rich blue PVD inner ring, however,  that the real Space Jam magic lies. The contrasting feature sports detailed engravings of the Looney Tunes’ Tune Squad basketball team, from Tweety Bird and Sylvester, to Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Lola Bunny. Even Speedy Gonzales, Wile E. Coyote, and Road Runner make an appearance. 

Inside, the manufacture KS 7000 hand-wound skeleton tourbillon movement sees movement wheels that also has basketball motifs, with a broad mainspring barrel that that’s flanked by blue PVD skeleton bridges. This mainspring barrel is capable of an impressive power reserve of 120 hours. 

Two straps are part of the deal here, one a tapering rubber lined calf leather strap in royal blue, and another made from a bold orange laser abraded rubber that has the same bumpy texture as a basketball. Presentation has always been a big part of Kross Studio’s offerings; in this case, the limited edition watch comes goes within an oak wood and aluminium basketball sculpture. Lift the wooden ball sculpture from its base and a storage compartment for the watch reveals itself.

If you want a bit of pop culture on your wrist, you’ll have to act fast because only 10 of the Kross Studio Space Jam Tourbillon will be made and sold for US$100,000 (approx. THB 3,227,000). 

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