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The Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Light Up is like a kaleidoscope for the wrist

Louis Vuitton is offering never-seen-before levels of customisation and personalisation. Here’s a look at how their journey into the innovative world of watches continues with the Tambour Horizon Light Up, the French Maison’s third generation connected watch.

With its recent win at the 2021 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève for the “Audacity Prize” and “Diver’s Watch Prize”, Louis Vuitton has certainly proven its masterwork in watchmaking time and time again. Enter the Tambour Horizon Light Up, a watch that creates a new paradigm in connected watches. From glow-in-the-dark LED lights to personalisation at a minute level, the Tambour Horizon Light Up is Louis Vuitton’s latest innovation.

Every element of the watch has been reimagined, redesigned and re-engineered to deliver a user experience like no other. Right down to a custom-made operating system, the Tambour Horizon Light Up seamlessly joins together the worlds of art and technology while bringing next-chapter luxury and a landmark in the history of high-end connected watches.

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Watch the lights dance on your wrist

While the Tambour Horizon Light Up’s form is new, it is perfectly in line with Louis Vuitton’s design codes, incorporating the brand’s familiar silhouette and convex case profile of the original Tambour watch, as well as keeping the same exquisite level of hand-finishing to the Horizon.

The watch makes a stunning first impression with its beautiful curved sapphire glass, which acts as the watch’s screen. It looks as if it pours over the watch’s edge—an infinity pool merging into a distant horizon. This effect of the watch has the added advantage of making its 44mm case wear much smaller on the wrist.

Over that same smooth edge, there are 24 LED lights behind the signature Louis Vuitton Monogram ring. Whenever the watch is activated or receives a notification, they light up in a dancing kaleidoscope of colours, creating a mesmerising glow-in-the dark animation.

Wear the connected watch your way

Honouring Louis Vuitton’s promise to offer customers bespoke creations, the Tambour Horizon Light Up is created with the aim to be the most customisable luxury connected watch in the world, offering clients unmatched opportunities for self-expression.

Its customisation starts with the watch face. In this third-generation model, the Tambour now has an always-on display that can be easily tailored to suit a mood, look or occasion. The Tambour Horizon Light Up has eight built-in dial configurations to choose from, including one in a captivating striped animation — a nod to the Maison’s iconic early trunks — and another one featuring Vivienne, the Maison’s enchanting mascot.

Each watch face echoes Louis Vuitton’s timeless design codes, and can be configured in a rainbow of colours, which includes 11 bold new gradients. You can even add your own initials, again with your own choice of colour and typeface. Regardless of the configuration, the watch face sparkles into life with matching LED animations when activated.

Throughout the year, Louis Vuitton will continue to introduce additional watch face designs to reflect its collaborations, selected seasons, fashion shows as well as other significant dates such as Christmas, Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day.

Image of Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Light Up for Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Light Up article

An exclusive OS that integrates seamlessly into your universe

At the heart of this artful and energising watch is a Louis Vuitton custom-designed new operating system. Developed to deliver a highly intuitive experience, the OS slips easily into your life and encourages you to seize the day.

On the screen, its functions appear through a simple system of swipes. Swiping right brings up ‘My Day’, with agenda, weather, step count, heart rate and even air quality displays. Swipe down and that’s where you’ll find your notifications; up reveals a control panel, from timers and alarms, to music; and left takes you into ‘My Travel’, where you can access travel plans and boarding passes, as well as 30 of Louis Vuitton’s expertly curated City Guides.

It all comes together to help you organise your daily life on your wrist. In fact, the Tambour Horizon Light Up’s operating system is so sophisticated that it has become the first OS outside Apple’s own ecosystem to be accredited as “MFI”, or “made for iPhone”. The Tambour Horizon Light Up is also compatible with Android and HarmonyOS smartphones.

Beyond the personalisation options and colourful animations, the watch also comes with impressive specifications Louis Vuitton clients have since come to expect of a luxury connected watch. Its internal hardware includes the lightning-quick Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor. And for the very first time, the Tambour Horizon also now features a heart-rate monitor, and is water-resistant to 30 metres.

Equipped with an all-day battery, the watch comes in four modes developed to suit different client needs and usage: Blossom, Explorer, Submarine and Saver, which reduce or expand the watch’s animations and also allows you to adapt to your own mood. The Tambour Horizon Light Up is also the first Louis Vuitton connected watch with push buttons on either side of the crown, which changes the watch dial when rotated.

At its launch, there will be three versions of the Tambour Horizon Light Up: the Polished Steel, the Matte Black and the Matte Brown. Both the black and brown models have high-end PVD finishes, and the black variant with its contrasting titanium crown and lugs creates a particularly sleek look.

For more information about the Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Light Up, visit its official website.

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