Few brands have commandeered the sea, land and skies like Breitling has. Driven by purpose and fuelled by camaraderie, the Grenchen-based Swiss luxury watchmaker has always used its deep-seated heritage in chronographs to create exceptionally functional timepieces.

Breitling is kicking off the new decade with the formation of a dynamic trio comprising extraordinary individuals as part of the Southeast Asia Squad. Renowned for their tenacity for adventure and thirst for success, Jazeman Jaafar, Cassandra Tan, and Marshall Sastra — from Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia respectively — will be the new faces of #thetimeisnow, each representing Breitling’s universe of the air, land, and sea.

The squad members, united by an ethos to challenge the ordinary for an incredible new age adventure, show what it means to take the lead in creating the adventure of your lifestyle with style, purpose and action. The campaign encourages dreamers to act and not let the fear of the unknown delay tomorrow’s successes — the time is now.

Jazeman Jaafar wearing the Superocean Heritage B20 Automatic 44-Steel & 18k Red Gold – Black. (Image credit: Breitling)

In the books of Jazeman Jaafar, the professional Malaysian racer began living his dreams at a very young age. As one of the most talented and promising racing drivers to watch in Asia, Jazeman has inspired many aspiring youths throughout his career, earning him pole position for many World Championship Endurance Series races. He has also been appointed Executive Director on the board of Sepang International Circuit (SIC) by the Youth of Sports Ministry of Malaysia.

Cassandra Tan wearing Superocean Automatic 42 in Orange. (Image credit: Breitling)

Cassandra on the other hand is a multi-hyphenate individual with bold ventures in unprecedented fields, the most recent being the founder and director of her own line of contact lenses byCaxs. When she’s not in the boardroom, she can be found taking on the choppy seas by wakesurfing, a sport of which she represents Singapore in regionally.

Marshall wearing Superocean Heritage B01 Chronograph 44-Steel – Blue. (Image credit: Breitling)

As an adventure documentary host and experienced skydiver, Marshall has a penchant for the skies and untouched landscapes of the Indonesian archipelago. He’s been to some of the most remote corners and the deepest seas in a bid to not only explore, but to also inspire others to appreciate the beauty of nature. His host travel and adventure documentary “My Trip, My Adventure” has been a successful five-year (and running) endeavour.

The new Superocean Collection

Like these adventurers, the new Superocean Collection knows a thing or two about pushing the limits. More than 60 years later, the model continues to be a poster child for exceptional performance, quality and style — qualities that Breitling has carefully honed over the years since the series was first launched in 1957. These diver’s watches have been updated to not only withstand even the most demanding rigours that come with water sports, but to also rise above any environment, both in and out of the water.

Because Breitling understands that not every diver is the same, the new Superocean Collection comes available in five different sizes, so there’s a suitable one for every underwater enthusiast out there. The automatic Breitling Caliber 17 not only provides reliable accuracy and precision, but also a power reserve of around 38 hours. All watches in the collection are COSC-certified chronometers, with Super-LumiNova® details for high legibility, even when you find yourself in the darkest of depths.

Superocean 48 in black titanium with blue dial and blue vented rubber strap (Image credit: Breitling)

Of them all, the Superocean 48 continues to turn heads with its sheer presence on the wrist. Its 48mm DLC-coated titanium case and blue ceramic bezel are paired with a matching blue vented rubber strap, an innovative feature that counteracts water pressure at greater depths to ensure optimum tightness throughout. It’s not just a pretty face either; inside, its soft-iron inner case is magnetic-resistant while the rotating bezel can be locked for maximum safety during your underwater expeditions of up to 300m.

Superocean 46 in black steel with blue dial and blue Diver Pro III rubber strap. (Image credit: Breitling)

The Superocean 46 is a 46mm black steel variant that’ll work just as well beneath the ocean’s surface as it will in the boardroom. The incredibly versatile timepiece is robust and performance-driven, yet also contemporary in its blue-dialled guise. Like every respectable diving watch, this one comes with a ratcheted unidirectional bezel, and a water resistance of 2,000m, making it a true companion every deep diver requires. As the icing on the cake, the watch’s matching Diver Pro III rubber strap comes with either a pin buckle or folding clasp.

The Superocean 44 and Superocean 42 are also highly adventure-driven diving accessories. The watches — 44mm and 42mm respectively — come with all the trimmings of a quintessential diving watch within their robust stainless steel cases. While the Superocean 44 is available with either a black or blue dial, its smaller variant comes in bolder — and dare we add, more playful — colours such as white or orange. A choice of the Diver Pro II rubber strap or stainless-steel bracelet is available depending on your needs.

Superocean 36 with white dial and white Diver Pro III rubber strap.(Image credit: Breitling)

But the Superocean collection isn’t limited to the men; female divers are just as celebrated here with the Superocean 36, a more compact 36mm stainless steel timepiece that’s made for women who have no qualms about taking on the seas. The sport watch’s dial comes in more feminine shades of light blue or white, and is encompassed by a ratcheted unidirectional bezel for added functionality. 

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