H. Moser & Cie prides itself in creating an edgy aesthetic for timepieces that are a far fetch and throw from any traditional piece your grandfather would wear. The famous watches most commonly spotted with a fumé or ardent dial are a juxtaposition of sorts; combining bold features with a minimalist expression of classic design. There’s something wildly fun about them, in a way only an insider can deeply appreciate, yet an outsider can still applaud. H.Moser & Cie calls it ‘a symphony of simplicity’, and for the Moser Concept Watches 2019, there’s much to sing high praise for.

The Swiss watchmaker takes to the arts this year, with vibrant colours and harmonious, high-end finishes in each model. Four new pieces make up the line, each boasting a strong aesthetic in aquamarine shades. Think, Picasso’s Blue (or even Green) Period, but make it Haute Horology. We’ll give you the guided tour.

Moser Concept Watches
The Endeavour Centre Seconds Concept Blue Lagoon in rose gold and in white gold

The Blue Period: The Endeavour Centre Seconds Concept Blue Lagoon

Feeling and looking blue has not been this stylish in a long while. Boasting a gloriously deep turquoise in a shade aptly named ‘Blue Lagoon’, the eye is immediately drawn to dive into the fumé dial of the Endeavour Centre Seconds from the get-go. It’s the first time a Blue Lagoon dial meets this model from the Endeavour family, amalgamating a twisted, elegant mix of materials and styles. Minimalist yet still very statement-y, the unexpected colour leaves room for no distractions – not even making too apparent that the model actually features neither logo nor indices. Reminiscent of a trip to the tropics, the 40mm timepiece appears traditional, yet still in keeping with the times, featuring the classic fumé dial Moser-connoisseurs all know and love. Simplistic, and still utterly entrancing, the model is available in white gold or rose gold, and comes in a limited edition of 50 pieces each.

Moser Concept Watches
The Endeavour Tourbillon Concept Cosmic Green

The Green Period: The Endeavour Tourbillon Concept Cosmic Green

If a blue watch can’t get you green with envy, perhaps a green watch can. The Endeavour Tourbillon Concept Cosmic Green boasts a similarly captivating dial to its Endeavour Centre Seconds sibling, yet adds an impactful touch of tech with its standout flying tourbillon. Featuring a fine Cosmic Green sunburst pattern dial and the standard Moser leaf-shaped hands, the flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock is truly accentuated in this timepiece. Again, there are no indices and no logo on the dial, giving the watch a sense of tranquility, even in the presence of its exposed moving mechanics. The 42mm white gold timepiece is one for the mature, self-confident individual, with a powerful aesthetic that still has a weightless ease about it. The Endeavour Tourbillon Concept Cosmic Green too is available in a limited edition of 50 pieces.

Moser Concept Watches
The Swiss Alp Watch Concept Black

Digital Deception: The Swiss Alp Watch Concept Black

This one is pretty tongue-in-cheek. Whilst the Swiss Alp Watch first appears to look like a smart watch, wearers will be curious to know that the glossy black dial is actually just a smokescreen. It’s a charming and playfully Moser contrast between watchmaking tradition and modernity, whereby the seemingly modern smartwatch actually disguises a complication that goes back decades — to way before we even had widespread electricity. The Swiss Alp Watch features a minute repeater with shaped chimes, which means that it tells time by sounding the hours. No touchscreen needed, no LED display, no WiFi connected. Housed within a platinum case, the dial again features no logo or indices, except for a one-minute flying tourbillon at six o’clock, visible behind a skeletonised bridge. Resolutely contemporary with a cheeky nod to the past, the timepiece tells time without even having to display it — regardless of its uncanny resemblance to the device that seems to do it all.

Moser Concept Watches
The Venturer Tourbillon Sapphire

The Pièce de Résistance: The Venturer Tourbillon Sapphire

Undoubtedly the showstopper of the Moser Concept Watches 2019 unveil, the Venturer Tourbillon Sapphire takes the blues to new heights, featuring a sapphire case and a dial fully set with sapphires. It’s a unique piece, wherein 264 baguette-cut sapphires adorn the fumé dial, each selected in various blue shades. The case comes from the Venturer collection, yet is updated in this version to be made entirely of sapphire, too. The completely transparent showcase offers a grand window into the HMC 802 caliber, with an interchangeable minute tourbillon and solid gold engraved bidirectional rotor. It’s a marvellous feat of transparency, and yet is still in touch with the impressionist and artistic theme of the line. Nuanced shades of sapphire sit inside the dial, constructing light and shade much like tones in a painting. It’s a work of art, and with its conception, H.Moser & Cie truly exemplifies once again its (brush) stroke of genius.


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