There is no denying that Swiss watchmaker OMEGA is the star in the world of women’s watches. And now, with a series of global high-profile events and exhibitions, the luxury watch brand has unfurled the red carpet for its latest De Ville Trésor collection, with a focus on a new generation.

Omega Trésor Collection watch trio
OMEGA De Ville Trésor collection

The first OMEGA Trésor watches debuted in 1949, where the ‘treasure’ referred to the legendary 30mm calibre found inside the watch. Since then, the movement quickly became well known for its precision, and the timepieces were noted for their sleek and sophisticated design.

Omega Trésor Collection watch
OMEGA De Ville Trésor Sedna™ gold Quartz on grey leather strap

In keeping with its heritage and continuous allure, the newest Trésor collection pays homage to the treasure of 1949, in a beautifully reimagined timepiece for the modern woman. For 2018, the Trésor watches boast an even thinner case of 9.75mm in height for the 39mm models, and a mere 8.85mm in height for the 36mm models — an incredible and highly-precise quartz movement.

Omega Trésor Collection watch trio

A total of nine watches have been launched, distinguished by a thin case in either 39mm or 36mm sizes. Most notably, no watch is without a beautiful sprinkling of sparkle in this collection, as diamond paving curves each side of each case, along with a single diamond set within the crown. For an exquisite extra touch, the crown also holds a shining red liquid ceramic flower, delicately designed using five OMEGA logos. Each Trésor model also bears a mirrored “Her Time” caseback — a playful addition allowing any woman to catch her reflection throughout the day.

Omega Trésor Collection watch

All cases in the new collection are made in stainless steel or 18K Sedna gold, with straps available in fabric or leather. As for dials, these come in a diverse range of colours from white, blue, and taupe-brown to opaline silver, mother-of-pearl, and a deep black. Easily paired from day to evening wear, it’s a fresh confident choice that is still very much in touch with its roots. Slender, embossed Roman numbers encircle the dial, and carry with them a sense of history within the contemporary.

Kaia Gerber

In an endearing and similar passing of torches, the face of the new De Ville Trésor ladies’ collection is none other than Cindy Crawford’s daughter and highly requested model Kaia Gerber. Joining the OMEGA family just like her mother did years before, the Swiss watches prove their universal beauty and allure, from generation to generation.

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