Now more so than ever before, it’s very cool to be a square. Or at least, that’s what luxury watchmakers will have us believe.

Whilst square faced watches have been around for decades now, with the rise of the Apple Watch, the square has become the trendiest shape to bear on your wrist, and carved out a true niche of angular lovers all for itself. Yet whilst wearable tech is a relatively new development, the square watch has been around for a hot minute, scooting into the limelight during the Sixties and Seventies, and stealing the mic for itself once again in recent seasons.

From iconic classics like the TAG Heuer Monaco to the rise of Bell & Ross and NOMOS’ Tetra collection, we gathered some of the coolest square watches taking wrists by storm this year. Be it Art Deco or diver, these timepieces are hitting all the right angles, and proving that square is the best sartorial statement that’ll always make you stand out from the crowd.

Featured image credit: TAG Heuer; Hero image credit: Bell & Ross