A cool cologne, some dark chocolate pralines, and a pair of designer cufflinks for your man this Valentine’s Day would be sweet and all, but do you know what he would really love? Your time. And for all those little hours you’re away at a conference, an afternoon tea, or a trip to the spa? There’s no question about it: a timepiece.

A watch makes for a gift unlike many others. It is horological artistry. It’s a splendorous mechanical marvel. It can mark a special romantic milestone, and even grow into a family heirloom. Beyond heritage, it also happens to look irresistibly stylish on the wrist of a man – be he wearing a crisp white dress shirt or a snazzy graphic t-shirt. Most importantly, it’s also a constant reminder of your presence each time he glances at his wrist: “oh, time for my date with bae!”

There’s a watch to suit the style and soul of any man, and as time ticks away and the big day is fast approaching, we’ve put together a list of some of the best watches you should gift him this February. We’ve tried to stray away from the more obvious choices, and sussed out some true gems (not to sound overly cheesy but, after all, they’re for the human gem in your life), and from chronographs to vivid complications, clock our favourite Valentine’s Day watches below.

Featured and hero image credit: Breitling