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5 things you can buy with cryptocurrency in Thailand

We all know what cryptocurrency is, but what can we actually buy with this digital payment system? Let’s find out. 

Crypto, crypto, crypto. Cryptocurrency is all the craze right now. It’s on the news, it’s on the internet, it’s on the radio, it’s everywhere. On top of traditional payment methods like cash and credit cards, numerous entities now accept this digital currency as a method of payment. Cryptocurrency has now made its way into the mainstream. Here are four things you can buy with cryptocurrency. If you’re part of the ‘cashless society,’ this is perfect for you. Happy shopping. 

Hotel bookings 

sri panwa phuket
Image credit: Sri Panwa Phuket

Hotels all around the world have now started accepting cryptocurrencies, with a few properties being in Thailand. Specific to hotel bookings, cryptocurrency payments come up with numerous benefits with the standout advantage being that this digital form of payment tends to be cheaper than credit card payments for international travellers. Hotels and hotel groups in Thailand that accept cryptocurrency are Sri Panwa Phuket and The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts. 

Meals at restaurants 

koreadong bangkok
Image credit: Koreadong

Other than hotels, restaurants have also jumped on the bandwagon and now accept cryptocurrency as a valid payment method. From buffets to Korean cuisine, you can now pay for your meals with cryptocurrency at an increasing number of restaurants in Thailand. A favourite among Thai celebs, Koreadong now accepts cryptocurrency payments. Beef-centric buffet spot Best Beef accepts over 30 cryptocurrencies. 

Digital artwork 

pavisa thai NFT artist
Image credit: Pavisa Meesrenon

The ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency has made its way to art and artists. As a result, countless artists from all around the world, including Thailand, are now selling NFT (non-fungible token) crypto art. The most unique form of cryptocurrency, NFTs generally encapsulate anything digital from music to games to drawings, but have gained the most fame in the digital art world. Perceived by many as a contemporary way of fine art collecting, you can now buy digital artwork using cryptocurrency. Pavisa Meesrenon, Kiatana Iamchan, and Nathanon Khanijow are a few local artists selling NFT crypto art. 

Flight tickets 

Image credit: Torsten Dettlaff

Do you love to travel and you’re a fan of cryptocurrency payments? If yes, this is perfect for you. The travel website Alternative Airlines accepts Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency in the world. Travellers can now search for hundreds of different airlines and pay for the ticket(s) using the decentralised digital currency. Expedia is another travel company that accepts cryptocurrency. 

5 things you can buy with cryptocurrency in Thailand

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