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The new Ray-Ban smart glasses are powered by Meta AI

Meta announced last week that their brand new Ray-Ban smart glasses will not only be an improvement from its predecessor but also run on AI.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer now that AI isn’t going anywhere whether we like it or not. It’s one of the major issues that the Hollywood strikes revolve around but is also the reason for the “Yearbook AI” trend. As debate continues on whether AI will ultimately be for our good, Meta is continuing to use it in its various services like chatbots with the likenesses of Snoop Dogg and Kendall Jenner. Whether these will be successful is yet to be seen, and the same goes for their latest upgrade to something they released two years ago: the Ray-Ban smart glasses.

[Hero image: Meta]

The Ray-Ban Meta Smartglasses are powered by AI 

Image credit: Meta

The Ray-Ban Stories were first launched in 2021 and signaled Meta’s hopes that the Metaverse would become a place people would regularly visit. Sadly, the Metaverse hasn’t really taken off as they hoped, and it seems to be the same case for the Ray-Ban Stories. According to The Verge, only 120,000 pairs were sold, which was significantly fewer than their projected 300,000.

These new smart glasses lack the “Stories” in its name and are instead called “Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses. Meta touts that the new smart glasses improve on “all the core features of the first generation while adding new capabilities that have never been seen on a pair of smart glasses.” Some of the improvements include improved audio, an ultrawide 12MP camera similar to the iPhone 14, and a 36-hour battery life with the charging case, which was a major criticism about the first generation.

Image credit: Meta

But perhaps the biggest addition to the new Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses is the integration of Meta AI which will allow users to have a “hands-free, on-the-go experience”. Users will also be able to ask the AI for information about what they’re looking at once a major update rolls out sometime in the next year.

Pre-orders for the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are open now starting at a price of USD $299. 

The new Ray-Ban smart glasses are powered by Meta AI

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