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These are the easiest ways to recover your deleted Instagram messages

Accidentally deleted your instagram message? No worries. Here are easy ways to recover your deleted Instagram messages.

The daunting thought of having permanently lost some important messages is real, but trust us, don’t get into panic mode just yet! Thankfully, Instagram does give you a grace period before your deleted messages are gone for good. Keep reading to know more.

Here’s how you can recover your deleted Instagram messages

recover deleted Instagram messages
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1. Request Instagram Data

While you can’t see the deleted messages on your device, Instagram servers may have them. Raising a request to Instagram will not restore your messages on the app, but they will be sent to you via email. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open your Instagram profile and click on your profile avatar.
  • Select ‘Your Activity’ then further tap on ‘Download your information’.
  • Then click on ‘Request Download’ and enter your password.
  • Instagram will get back to you with an email. You then have to ‘Download Information’ and open the messages folder. You’ll get a backup of your deleted chats.

2. Recover messages via a connected Facebook account

For those of you whose Instagram is connected to Facebook, this method is a lifesaver. Go to your Facebook account and check the messages in your inbox. Select the ‘Instagram Direct’ option and your messages will appear.

Note: This method might not be available due to the latest Facebook updates, so if you’re operating on the newer versions – HARD LUCK!

3. Ask the recipient to forward the messages

The easiest way to get hold of your messages is by simply asking the person you’re chatting with to send you screenshots or a copy of the chat! While this mightn’t be ideal if you’ve deleted the messages after a fallout with them. However, if that’s not the case, go ahead.

4. Third-party data recovery applications

Many third-party apps promise to recover your deleted Instagram messages, but many of these tools have been tried and tested only to result in failure. We recommend you try the free versions and features of these apps before making any purchases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Can you get back deleted messages on Instagram?

Yes, there are some ways to recover deleted Instagram messages.

  • Are Instagram messages deleted forever?

No, you can still get back your messages by requesting Instagram data.

  • How to retrieve deleted messages?

You can retrieve deleted messages by either requesting Instagram data, via your connected Facebook account or by simply asking the receiver to forward the chat.

These are the easiest ways to recover your deleted Instagram messages

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