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Where to buy at-home laser hair removal devices in Bangkok

Whilst it is likely you prefer getting it done by a professional at the salon, laser hair removal is a treatment you can actually do at home.

Contrary to shaving, tweezing, or waxing, if you’re considering more permanent methods of hair removal, laser hair removal is a great option. However, in the midst of yet another lockdown in Bangkok, going to the salon or beauty clinic is not possible. Fortunately, at-home laser hair removal devices are widely available, and with a little patience, can take care of your hair removal needs. Here’s where you can get started with a list of devices you can order in Bangkok now.

[Hero Image Credit: Emily Webster/Unsplash; Featured Image Credit: Braun]

The Philips Lumea Prestige Hair Removal Device is has a uniquely curved design for optimal results on different body parts. It works well on a wide array of hair colours and skin tones, from very light to very dark. Using a special technology, the SmartSkin sensor advises the best setting for hair colour and skin tone. What we like about it most, however, is that this device can be used with or without a cord for complete convenience for those harder-to-reach zones.

[Image Credit: Philips]

THB 20,299

The dermatologically-tested Beurer Plus Salon Pro System Hair Removal Laser provides permanent hair removal using professional technology from beauty salons. Aside from the automatic sensor for individual skin tone detection, it prides itself in being tolerable for even sensitive skin, and claims to take only 26 minutes to treat the entire body.

[Image Credit: Beurer]

THB 18,765

The SMOOTHSKIN Bare Plus Hair Removal Laser is lightweight and compact with a sleek and modern design to allow ease of use and quick treatment. It quickly recharges between activations and allows a fast rate of laser with 100 shots per minute. With regular maintenance treatments, it claims to stunt your hair growth cycle so you can finally say goodbye to daily shaving.

[Image Credit: SMOOTHSKIN]

THB 17,900

Who said laser hair removal was only for women? The Braun Silk-Expert Pro Hair Removal Laser is a must-have if you’re looking for a men’s hair removal laser. This IPL device is a perfect grooming tool to help you tackle the hair on your chest, back, arm, abdomen, and legs. It uses the fastest IPL energy on our list to treat both legs in less than five minutes at the lowest energy level. A great time-saving hack for men — and women too, of course.

[Image Credit: Braun]

THB 17,799

The Xiaomi Youpin Inface IPL Hair Removal Laser gives you one of the most precise hair removal routines. If features five levels of energy increase, and the gear can be adjusted to suit different parts of your body. Moreover, it is designed to delay hair growth and gently removes the hair from the root without leaving residues or damages to the skin.

[Image Credit: Xiaomi]

THB 4,999
Where to buy at-home laser hair removal devices in Bangkok

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