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After the metaverse, now please welcome the foodverse

Just as we were getting the hang of the metaverse, the foodverse is here to greet us. Find out more about OneRare, and what this unique ‘foodverse’ is all about.

In the United States, a couple has just launched a parallel world dedicated entirely to all things food-related. Chefs, brands, restaurants and producers are invited to step into this digital universe, called OneRare, to meet their customers and build new relationships.

Image Credit: One Rare

The foodverse: creating dialogue between consumers and food professionals

At a time when restaurant owners are reconnecting with customers, while looking for solutions to keep their businesses afloat after two years of pandemic, a digital platform hopes to create a new dialogue between consumers and food professionals by inviting them into the metaverse. As such, OneRare hopes to become the go-to platform for foodies.

Within this new environment, accessible online at www.onerare.io, visitors can choose to wander between four zones, where they can access farmers’ markets, a kitchen where they can discover recipes, farmlands where farmers virtually grow all kinds of crops, and much more.

To let users participate actively in this new kind of experience, this “foodverse” has developed its own digital tokens that players can acquire to make transactions but also unlock games. Avatars will even be able to obtain NFTs that can be used in real-life restaurants, or collect ingredients and follow recipes to mint exclusive NFT artworks.

Image Credit: Igor Miske/Unsplash

A brand new environment

Eventually, visitors could have access to the recipes of chefs who have agreed to appear in this parallel world. The platform is also a new environment for brands to interact with their consumers and offer them a new form of advertising. In fact, virtually anything is possible in this new world, even raising awareness or raising funds to help charities tackling hunger around the world.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.

After the metaverse, now please welcome the foodverse

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