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The best neighbourhoods in Bangkok for solo travellers

Bangkok is undoubtedly a familiar destination for solo travellers. Let’s look at which areas in the capital are most appealing to stay in if you’re travelling by yourself.

The chaos of a bustling metropolis meets the serenity of ancient traditions—that’s Bangkok. For solo travellers with an appetite for adventures, Bangkok is a treasure trove of cultural experience just waiting to be explored. Lively markets, delectable street foods, vibrant nightlife — and we’re just scratching the surface.

Below, let’s take a look at some of the most enticing neighbourhoods for solo travellers to stay and play while in Bangkok.

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Best neighbourhoods in Bangkok for solo travellers

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Soi Nana, Yaowarat, for lowkey nightlife

Located a brief walk away from Yaowarat Road, Soi Nana offers quite a tranquil experience as you pick between cost-effective boutique hotels in the area, including one above a cocktail bar. If you’re here for food, walk to Yaowarat, the Chinatown of Bangkok. If you enjoy the nightlife, Soi Nana is packed with gorgeous craft cocktail bars — so many it will take a few trips to properly enjoy them all. It’s less crowded and busy than Sukhumvit, and offers plenty of insight into the large Thai-Chinese community of Bangkok, too.

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Charoenkrung Road, for maximum old town vibes

Bask in the vibes of Bangkok old town at Charoenkrung. Go for an evening walk, snap a few photos of the street art, get yourself some street food—this are what makes the creative district so appealing. You can book yourself into one of many inns and boutique hotels if you’re looking for a lowkey experience. If you’re a solo traveller with a knack for luxury living, a lot of riverside luxury hotels have also established themselves along the river if lowkey is not your thing. These include the Mandarin Oriental, Capella, and the Four Seasons.

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Image credit: ari.neighborhood/Instagram

Ari, for hip cafes and lively neighbourhood

Ari is hands down one of the coolest places for a change of pace, away from the crowded city centre. The area is full of delicious restaurants open during the day, and bars in the evening. What this neighbourhood shines for the most is the high concentration of cafes. Grab your favourite book, or laptop for work, order a coffee, and watch the day go by. Solo travellers in Bangkok looking for a slow life experience will love it here.

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Image credit: Hanny Naibaho/Unsplash

Pratunam, for bustling city vibes

Many tourists come for the city vibes, and the city vibes is exactly what they’ll get. Pratunam is the perfect alternative to the well-known Siam area. It’s not as expensive, and most attractions in Siam are within walking distance, including malls, shrines, restaurants, and more. There are a lot of wholesale markets in the area, too, if that’s of your interest for more budget-friendly shopping.

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Image credit: Supanut Arunoprayote/Wikimedia Commons

Bang Lamphu, for being near cultural attractions

Surrounded by old shophouses, restaurants, and temples that have been around for generations, it never gets boring to walk down the streets in the Bang Lamphu area. Whilst it is commonly known as a backpacker’s area, this also means it is full of friendly people (and solo travellers) looking for a similar experience. Plus, you’ll be near a lot of interesting attractions, including The Golden Mount, Tha Maharaj, Khaosan Road, and more. If you happen to want to visit Khaosan but don’t want to get too crazy, this neighbourhood is perfect.

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Image credit: thekidzzzzz/Unsplash

Asok, for all the food options

The Sukhumvit area as a whole is popular among tourists and expats, so we’ll shine the spotlight onto Asok to narrow it down a bit. Hotels in this area come in a lot of price ranges, but the highlight is definitely the vast variety of food options. There are not a lot of neighbourhoods where you can enjoy some Thai food here, an authentic taco there, perhaps something Middle Eastern, or an upscale Indian tasting menu, and more. Those cuisines listed are also all within walking distance of each other. Travelling solo has never tasted better.

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Image credit: Kee Hong/Unsplash

Chatuchak, for a weekend shopping spree

Chatuchak claims to be the largest weekend market in the world, boasting more than 15,000 stalls. We know suggesting Chatuchak is kind of a cliche, but there’s a reason why people choose to stay in this area. The weekend market is full of street food vendors, little shops for souvenirs, and even an entire building (Bangsue Junction Shopping Centre) for all things vintage. It’s also near the Chatuchak park for a morning walk, the Bangkok Planetarium, and even a craft cocktail bar. Being within a walking distance to both MRT and BTS stations also helps, as you can easily visit other areas Bangkok has to offer. As Chatuchak is located a outside of the city’s heart, it is also more cost-friendly for solo travellers to stay.

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General tips for solo travellers to Bangkok

Solo travelling in Bangkok can be an exciting and enriching experience, but can also be daunting especially if it is your first time. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your solo trip to this vibrant city:

  1. Research before you go – familiarise yourself with Bangkok’s cultures, customs, and laws, and plan where you want to visit beforehand. Be mindful of public holidays and dry days (no alcohol) during your stay, as this may affect your plans.
  2. Pack wisely – Bangkok has a year-round tropical climate, which calls for light clothing. Pack sunscreen and insect repellent, especially if you’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors.
  3. Learn basic Thai phrases – simple phrases asking for directions, prices, how to say thank you, and more, can go a long way when navigating the city. Thai people love it when you try to speak their language, though many can also speak some basic English. Keep your Google Translate app handy.
  4. Use public transportation – most of the time, the BTS and MRT will take you near the attractions of Bangkok. If you want a taxi, make sure they use the meter and do not let them negotiate a fare. For easiest convenience, download the ride-hailing Grab app, which you can also link to your credit card if you’re short on cash (and don’t mind the fee).
  5. Be mindful of scams – touristy areas are full of people that can rip you off, charging ghastly amounts of money for simple products. Do your research.
  6. Be careful when it gets crowded – be cautious with your belongings when the public transportation gets crowded, and be sure to keep digital copies of important documents to be safe.
  7. Try the street food – one of the things Bangkok is famed for is the street food. Go out at whatever time you want and have fun. Some places may need queueing, so plan in advance. The street food is generally safe to consume, though those with sensitive stomachs should remain mindful.
  8. Respect local customs – when visiting temples and religious sites, cover your shoulders and knees. A few tourist attractions will have some clothes for rent. Also remember to remove your shoes before entering temples or people’s homes. Pay attention to signs that indicate where photography is/is not permitted.
  9. Use maps and navigation apps – Bangkok’s city planning is all over the place, so there will be twists and turns that can get you confusing easily. Google Maps is an easy way to help you navigate your way.
  10. Stay hydrated – Bangkok is hot and humid, so it can be something to adjust to as you arrive. Many tourists pack their own water bottles, which can be easily refilled at the city’s many, many beverage stalls.

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The best neighbourhoods in Bangkok for solo travellers

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