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You can now live in a Muji house at Muji Base Kamogawa

Ever since the three branches of the Muji Hotel opened – in Ginza, Beijing, and Shenzhen – we’ve been blessed with the experience of living in the cosy, upscale Muji environment. But what if it’s not just a room in a hotel but a low-profile Muji house that encourages you to get on foot and explore the local area? This is Muji Base.

Muji Base was created with the idea of a place where people can stay and enjoy the local communit,y rather than visiting like a typical tourist. It can be the place where nomads choose to live and work remotely, while learning about the lifestyles of the local community – with Muji products surrounding them every minute of the stay.

You can now live in a Muji house at Muji Base Kamogawa

The first Muji Base is now open for reservations in Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Situated just 90 minutes down south of Tokyo, Muji Base Kamogawa is located amid the mountains and beautiful rice terrains. It’s a perfect getaway and a serene work environment for any type of traveller.

As expected, Muji Base is full of Muji amenities including food and snacks, but what’s more, there are complimentary menus to try at the nearby Cafe & Meal Muji Minnami-no-Sato.


The local services are plenty. One of them is the goods delivery service from local farmers who will get you the freshest goods possible. The cafe also provides delicious-looking breakfast and homey Japanese meals as well.

The house can accommodate up to five people at JPY20,000 per night (approx. THB4,800) with a minimum reservation of two nights to really get to the heart of the Kamogawa way of life. Compared to its hotel counterpart, Muji Base is quite cost-effective, as you get to relax in an adorable Muji ambience, too.

Muji Base Kamogawa is now open for reservations until February 2024 via Airbnb.

You can now live in a Muji house at Muji Base Kamogawa

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