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Why tuk-tuk ride-hailing apps are gaining popularity in Bangkok

Tuk-tuks aren’t just for sightseeing around Bangkok, and they can be used as a reliable mode of transport. Now, you don’t even have to wait around until you find one coincidentally. Have you tried ride-hailing a tuk-tuk yet?

If you’ve been in Bangkok for a while, you may have heard of the app MuvMi. MuvMi is an app that provides tuk-tuks that can drive you to your destination. These tuk-tuks run on electricity, and are larger than the ones you might be familiar with, as they are able to carry up to six passengers with ample space for added belongings.

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This tuk-tuk ride-hailing app is really gaining popularity in Bangkok

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There’s also a neat option to lower the price if you’re willing to ride-share. The tuk-tuks have ample space anyway, and if you’re going to a popular destination, like the BTS stations, that wouldn’t put much stress on the clock as you rush to work.

“It’s great because it’s electric, and at the same time it’s ride-sharing, so carbon footprint and all that,” says a 29-year-old Filipino man. “The only downside is that sometimes, you have to wait a while.”

It’s perfect for the people who enjoy the outdoors, and want to give eco-friendly tuk-tuks a chance. Plus, it eliminates the problems of visiting tourists having to haggle prices with tuk-tuk drivers of Bangkok. Some have to pay gouging prices because of it, too. Having a fixed price, ability to pay with credit/debit card, as well as still able to feel the charm of the city on a tuk-tuk, are what sets MuvMi apart from its many competitors.

They claim they have served over 3.5 million riders, and with many more tourists expected in Thailand this year, we can only imagine this number to rise.

Why tuk-tuk ride-hailing apps are gaining popularity in Bangkok

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