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LSA Neighbourhood Guide: 6 reasons to visit Banthat Thong Road

The LSA Neighbourhood Guides aim to help you get started towards exploring the various wonders around Bangkok. For this edition of the LSA Neighbourhood Guide, we’re walking the Banthat Thong Road, where students of Chulalongkorn University adore and hangout when the sun goes down, and for all the right reasons.

It’s been said that Chulalongkorn University is basically an institute surrounded by a big food court, and Banthat Thong Road is certainly a big part of that saying. It’s bustling with people looking for a good time, and it has cool, enjoyable hangout spots to go with your friends. Here is our pick of six reasons why you should visit Banthat Thong Road.

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6 reasons to visit Banthat Thong Road

1. Accessibility

It’s a short walk away from both the BTS and MRT (National Stadium Station and Samyan Station, respectively), and the paths are well-lit and populated almost all the time. If you’re dropping by the Siam area, there’s also a free bus service provided by the university to get you there. If you drive, the surrounding area is full of parking spaces. And if you have a motorbike, there’s even dedicated parking spots.

The accessibility is off the charts—it’s like the street is begging to accommodate you.

Image credit: worth.millionwords/Instagram

2. Areas for exercise

On a health kick? Check out the CU Centenary Park. It’s a quaint, peaceful park for those who love to jog in the afternoon. There are also recreational areas perfect for picnics, some badminton with your friends, or just to adore the greenery as you escape from the busy city vibes.

Plus, the park occasionally holds live music sessions. It’s a great place to unwind after a long day.

Image credit: mpharmfilms/Instagram

3. Co-working spaces

If you’re the type to enjoy the company’s WFH policy, but actually refuse to do work at home, there are a few co-working spaces in the area. What makes people choose these places is that they have their own coffee shop, along with snacks for you to buy if you’re feeling sleepy. They also offer a range of prices depending on the duration of your stay, from a few hours, to a year.

Some places have their own unique spin on co-working spaces. KiddNap has a silent area, where you will be asked to leave if your voice exceeds a certain limit. It’s perfect for when you need to concentrate for a deadline. NapLab has a gaming area that allows you to relax after achieving that milestone, with a pingpong table, xbox, and even a sandbag complete with boxing gloves.

Image credit: NapLab Chula/Facebook

4. Dinner spots

We’d be here all day if we were to list every food destination on the street. In fact, this writer spent four years in Chula and hasn’t tried all of them yet.

There are Thai-style hotpots, Japanese delis, fried chicken, noodle places, Jok, seafood buffets, Korean barbecue—whatever cuisine you’re craving, there’s one you can walk to.

Image credit: @RoddeededTheSteakHouse/Facebook

Highlights that you cannot miss include Rod Dee Ded, a steakhouse with gorgeous day-aged beef, and Jeh Oh, a down-to-earth eatery, which is famous for its tom-yum noodles. Jeh Oh is even featured in the Michelin Guide.

Image credit: @RanCeXow/Facebook

5. Dessert destinations

Tuay Tung Icecream is a cute little cafe famous for its creamy homemade ice cream slapped in the middle of two manthos (traditional Chinese buns). They also provide a wide array of milk tea, coffee, and other beverages to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Jeh Wan is one of the most well-known dessert places of the area for Thai-Chinese eats. Local favourites include dou huay, glutinous rice balls in coconut milk, and dou huay, tofu pudding in hot ginger water.

Whether you’re looking for something to properly end your meal, or just craving something sweet, you’ll surely have a great time.

6. Laidback bars

Some people like to catch up with their friends over dinner or some recreational activities. Others bond over alcohol. Banthat Thong has a few hangout spots that will surely hit the spot for many.

If you’re into bars, Praya Bar is a great rooftop dining spot with good food and great drinks. They also have live music as you watch over the city below.

Image credit: @Prayabar/Facebook

SAMYAN is a local go-to for draft beers and cocktails, with great food to match—from cheeseburgers to Thai-style yum.

Image credit: @SamyanChula14/Facebook

Chick Chat is a great hangout destination for students and graduates alike. They offer delicious Korean-style fried chicken, with promotions on alcoholic drinks running very occasionally.

Vichayuth Chantan

Content Writer, Bangkok

A bar enthusiast with passion for good food, Vichayuth can be found trying out new menus and making friends over drinks. His hobbies include video games, listening to live music, and silently judging you from across the room.

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