There’s something about Southern food that hits the spot unlike many others. Here’s where you can find some of the best in the form of street food in Phuket.

From sweet pancakes to traditional stews to tangy, spicy curries, Phuket has a wealth of street food to explore. Regardless of whether you’re a newbie on the Phuket food scene, or you’re a regular looking for something new, here, we’ve rounded up some of the best, most unmissable street food spots on the island. From breakfast until late night snack, there’s a little something for every taste bud — whether you eat spicy or not.

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Raya is one of the most famous Thai restaurants in Phuket Town, and whilst it is one the fancier end of the spectrum for street food, their moo hong pork belly stew is definitely a must-try. Set in a renovated Sino-Thai mansion, there’s a romantic ambience here too, and you’ll often find local celebrities and stars amongst the clientele. A great place to start and check-in to the street food scene.

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Speaking of ambience, Mor Mu Dong offers plenty in that arena. Located within a mangrove forest, the street food spot gets its name from the Mu Dong Canal by which it is located. The must-try dish here is the fried fish, which often features in the Instagram posts of food bloggers and celebs alike. Besides fish, they’ve also got other seafood delicacies that are worth checking out.

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Have you ever had dry rice porridge? It’s a must-have and a must-try. Many will know Go Benz from late nights (they open until 2am), where their hearty bowls are a grand source of comfort. Opt for either their infamous khao tom haeng rice porridge, or gao lao soups without noodles, and definitely try some crispy pork belly as a side dish, too.

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Naam Yoi may look unsuspecting from the outside, but it serves up a wealth of flavour on the inside. Located on a remote street within Phuket Town, you can find a lot of the Phuket classics (and other Thai classics) here, such as fish fried with turmeric, various chilli pastes with vegetables, and spicy som tam with blue crab. A great all-rounder spot if you can handle the spice.

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There’s something soothing about fish porridge, and Hong Khao Tom Pla totally gets this. Yet whilst the rice demands a lot of the attention, what we love about this street food spot is that they also put a lot of love into their seafood. For for the Tom Yum Khai Pla (tom yum soup with seafood and fish roe) for an indulgent twist to the traditional.

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Oyster omelette at Ji Pien

We’ve heard so much about Ji Pien and yet we still could not find a precise location tag and page for this Chinese spot online. Nevertheless, when in Phuket, you need to try this infamous oyster omelette. Made with stir fried oysters, egg, and pork skin, it’s definitely not one for those who are counting calories, but it’s definitely one for those looking to count insider cool points. They’ve been making this dish for almost four decades.

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There’s something about slurping a duck soup in an old shophouse, and if this warm feeling is something you seek, head to Khao Tom Dibuk. Whilst they also serve rice porridge, we love their soups the best, made with a secret recipe stock and Chinese spices. Look out for their special menus on the weekends, too, as they often make limited delicacies on Saturdays and Sundays.

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There are two types of people in this world: rice people and noodle people. If, like us, you’re a noodle lover, you’ll need to check out Mee Ton Poe. Open for over fifty years now, their signature dish is Hokkien mee noodles. Choose your toppings wisely, as you can get them with seafood, pork, or vegetables, and season with various condiments to your liking. Of course — and this should go without saying — get extra pork crackling on top.

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Laemthong Seafood Restaurant claims to be one of the first Chinese restaurants in Phuket, and to date is still a very popular restaurant. Their fish balls are very popular here, as well as their other Thai-Chinese classics (fried rice, stir fried morning glory, crab curry, to name a few). This place is better suited to larger groups than individuals, as you’re going to want to order quite a few things at once.

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You can’t leave Phuket without eating at least one yellow curry. One Chun Cafe & Restaurant is a cute place to do it in, but don’t be fooled by the charming Sino-colonial building. Their curry definitely packs the spice. Luckily, they’ve got a neat selection of coffees and cakes (and shaved ice!) to cool you down afterwards, too. Don’t leave before you take a selfie (everyone does it) by the entrance.

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You can find street-side roti just about anywhere in Phuket, and we don’t really have one set favourite spot. Whether you get it topped with only condensed milk, or filled with banana and egg, Phuket roti is truly unmissable. Sweet to the soul, and indulgent with every bite. For those who don’t know where to start, here are three of the most famous: Abdul’s Roti, Roti Chaofa, and Roti Taew Nam (which even received a Bib Gourmand from the Michelin Guide, because in Phuket, even roti can do that).

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