As much as we love Bangkok with all its hearty hustles and buzzing bustles, it’s always good to get out of the Big Mango – even if only for the weekend. Every month, we put together a list of four weekend trip ideas to bring you a refreshing dose of travel inspo from around the region. Go on one of them or go on all of them, and prepare a big fat red marker to check off this one resolution for 2019 on the monthly: to travel brilliantly.

We’ve got the best, most exciting long weekend of the year coming up in the middle of the month, making it the best, most exciting time to travel. In the spirit of the Thai New Year and the warm embrace of Thai summer, we’re taking inspiration from the infamous Weezer song this month, and going with the theme of islands in the sun. Some a direct flight away, others a bit of an adventurous trek and climb to reach, these island resorts encompass the epitome of summer living: cocktails at sunset, endless beachside selfies, and plenty of good times and tans.

The perfect spots for some serious R&R, if you had to be stranded on a deserted island this April, make it any one of these.

Hero and Featured image credit: The Sanchaya