As much as we love Bangkok with all its hearty hustles and buzzing bustles, it’s always good to get out of the Big Mango – even if only for the weekend. Every month, we put together a list of four weekend trip ideas to bring you a refreshing dose of travel inspo from around the region. Go on one of them or go on all of them, and prepare a big fat red marker to check off this one resolution for 2019 on the monthly: to travel brilliantly.

Our theme for February is painfully predictable: love. But before you throw the dark chocolate pralines at the screen, bear with us. We’re talking romance in its most classic form. Historic hotels. Cultural escapes. A love for natural surroundings. Intimacy. Reconnection. And, yes, Valentine’s Day. Where January can feel like the longest month of the year, February always swoops in like a breath of fresh (albeit rosy) air. It’s the shortest month of the calendar, and it’s our bridge to the sweet embrace of spring. Just a few flight hours away from Bangkok, here are our top picks for where you can show February some love in serious style this month.

Featured image credit: Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore; Hero image credit: Amanpulo