As much as we love Bangkok with all its hearty hustles and buzzing bustles, it’s always good to get out of the Big Mango – even if only for the weekend. Every month, we put together a list of four weekend trip ideas to bring you a refreshing dose of travel inspo from around the region. Go on one of them or go on all of them, and prepare a big fat red marker to check off this one resolution for 2019 on the monthly: to travel brilliantly.

As we slip and slither into spring and summer, our theme for March is a sense of story. Be it hotels with a rich historical past, or hotels that tell their tales through distinctive design language, much like the season, we’re seeking an unravel of what lies beneath the surface. Why do we travel to the places we travel to? In search of adventure or familiarity? To escape or to embrace? From nestling into a tented cocoon to the Danang Bay on your private villa step, we’ve put together a narrative for where your weekends could and should lead you this month. Just a few flight hours away from Bangkok, write off your worries and wander in wonder at these haunts this March. 

[Hero image credit: 137 Pillars House Chiang Mai; Featured image credit: Wild Coast Tented Lodge Sri Lanka]