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Armchair Travel: inside Tokyo’s Moshi Moshi Rooms, where everything is kawaii

Whilst travel to Japan does not seem to be on the cards any time soon, we can always dream. This time our dreams take us to Moshi Moshi Rooms in Tokyo.

At a hotel in the heart of a trendy Tokyo district, guests check into themed rooms. The latest addition, dubbed the Harajuku, draws on the codes of Japan’s kawaii culture to serve up candy sweet and deliciously kitsch decor.

[Hero Image Credit: Susann Shuster/Unsplash]

In the heart of Tokyo’s trendy Shibuya district, the micro-district of Harajuku is considered an epicenter of fashion. But don’t expect tall, slender silhouettes in the purest tradition of elegance. Here, it’s all about a colorful kind of vibe, almost resembling an “Alice in Wonderland” universe. The Harajuku aesthetic is now considered a genre in its own right, so much so that it has now been applied to interior design.

At the forefront of this trend is Moshi Moshi Rooms, a special kind of hotel where guests can eat, sleep and breathe the Japanese dream. Each of the establishment’s rooms has its own theme. And the latest addition to the list is Harajuku themed. The walls of the room are finished in pink and baby blue, almost like a child’s room. And Asobi System, the group that designed this hotel, guarantees that the decor will bring a smile to the faces of even the most grumpy travelers.

And it’s true that the colorful knickknacks give the place an energizing feel. The space is equipped with a bed, a sofa bed and an air mattress, allowing four people to stay comfortably in the room. It is also equipped with a bathroom and a kitchenette for total independence during your stay.

For anyone hoping to check into the hotel, the room usually rents for 40,000 yen per night (approx. THB 12,071), although you might be able to make savings thanks to a current summer promotion.

And if this magnificent room happens to be booked up on your travel dates, three others are available on Airbnb: the Sakura, or cherry blossom room, as well as the Origami and Dosukoi rooms. Sweet Japanese dreams.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews. 

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