There’s a saying amongst the Phuket lover, visitor, and die-hard dweller community, and it goes a little like this: once you stay in a private villa in Phuket, you’ll never go back.

It’s understandable, in large part, given the serene seclusion, comfort, and downright Instagrammable level of opulence such a haven can provide. It’s where a wine cellar is commonplace (complete with its own sommelier), and ‘no sweat’ is the norm bar a casual sauna session at your private gym. Your personal plunge pool is the Andaman Sea at your bedroom doorstep, and gluten-free bread baked especially per your request topples any hotel buffet you may have ever had previously.

Private villas are wholly changing the travel industry in Phuket, and at the beach- and forefront of it all is one of the region’s largest private villa specialists, Inspiring Villas in Phuket.

Taking customisation to the heights higher than the sunny Surin Hills, Inspiring Villas is one of the few to be fully accredited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Providing concierge and excursion services from the get-go, they pride themselves in tailoring both your villa and your stay as per your wish, with no individual detail too petty. Every experience comes inclusive of a concierge team, chauffeured transport, event management, and unique private activities, combining the beauty of the villa with an excellent level of service to suit.

Here, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite villas managed by Inspiring Villas, each bringing something different to the perfectly arranged table. Read ahead to find out how they’re really switching it up.