It lies just a few minutes over the bridge away from the buzz and fuzz of Phuket island, and is best approached in a snazzy weekend cabriolet. It’s the dream of anyone looking for a courtside seat to Thailand’s most serene sunset, and simultaneously provides a thrilling balance of debauchery and daytime dozing. It’s where the beaches are unspoiled but the beachside havens spoil for choice. And it’s where laid-back luxury rings from every perfectly picturesque coconut palm towering above untouched sands. Roll a carpet, pop the bottles, feast your faces, and welcome to The Hamptons of Thailand: Phang Nga.

Overlooking the allure and azure of the Andaman Sea, Phang Nga is thriving, but doing so without the mainstream publicity like its downtown Phuket, Krabi, or even Samui counterparts. It’s what every stylishly visiting millennial is dubbing as “utterly chill, man”, yet manages to level up in exclusivity beyond many other locations around Thailand or even Southeast Asia.

After all, for Phang Nga, luxury private villas are the norm, not the exception. It’s an alternate universe where ‘alfresco’ translates to a sunset sala, ‘dinner’ is a freshly caught lobster and a wine from an in-house cellar, and ‘activities’ range from private beach volleyball to a swim in your birthday suit. The Kardashians holidayed here. Bangkok’s who’s who soaks up the sun here. And if you really want to unlock the dock and laze the day away like only the lavish know how, you need to head to these luxury private villas in Phang Nga right now.

Featured image credit: Villa Bianca; Hero image credit: Villa Nandana