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Checking in: Glamping it up at Marasca Khao Yai

Tents, barbecues, gardening, and s’mores—Marasca Khao Yai is the peaceful retreat you’ve been looking for. 

Some say glamping is camping for wimps, an excuse to not get rough and dirty but still say that you went “camping” simply because you stayed in a tent. It’s for people who are afraid of the great outdoors or for people who don’t want to commit. “Stay in an actual tent with no ACs,” I hear them say. “Do your business by the bushes. Cook food with a fire you started yourself. Don’t be a wuss.”

Well, if glamping at Marasca Khao Yai makes me a wimp, then I would gladly bear that label everywhere I go. 

[Hero image credit: Marasca Khao Yai]

Marasca Khao Yai: a glamping getaway

Marasca Khao Yai is located in a remote part of the province so picturesque it might have been where Legends of the Fall was filmed (go watch it if you don’t know it because you’re missing out. It features a young Brad Pitt. Piqued yet?). The rolling fields and beautiful mountain ranges awash with golden orange light during sunsets offer stunning views to either begin or end the day with. I fully expected horses to ride through the fields at some point while a rousing orchestral score played in the background. 

Image credit: Marasca

Its remote location is perfect for those wanting to get away from the busy and heavily polluted city streets, especially nowadays with the air quality choking the life out of us. The fresh air of Khao Yai does wonders, I promise. There’s no sound of traffic and no tall buildings in the immediate vicinity. It’s just nature all around. And that’s why it’s such a great location for glamping because Marasca seamlessly blends nature and the amenities of a luxury stay in a hotel.

The property isn’t that big and only houses 18 villas and glamping tents ensuring that your stay won’t be too crowded, unlike your typical hotels and resorts. Their name, derived from the marasca cherry, was chosen because they wanted to give their guests what they call “cherry-on-top moments”. They want guests to have a little extra something that would make their stay memorable.

And Marasca succeeds in doing just that. Even the rooms—excuse me, tents—themselves have so many small extra things, and while they’re small, they do make your stay just that little bit more exciting. Guests can go stargazing at night since they get their very own telescope. The firepit is also great for Khao Yai’s cool temperatures at night, and on top of that, Marasca gives guests complimentary s’mores so you can really make use of the firepit.

Tents, just slightly upgraded

That’s not to say that Marasca’s accommodations aren’t great by themselves. The Glamper Suite’s spaciousness could easily house six people. Don’t do that though, or if you really want to, the two-bedroom Glamper Suite is what you should book. These suites come with two bathtubs, one indoor and one outside, a TV with Netflix, and the most ridiculously soft bed that it could have been made from the marshmallows you were burning for your s’mores. Seriously, it was a challenge waking up.

Glamper Suite (Image credit: Marasca)

You can also opt for the Glamper Tent, which is actually two tents that house a “living room” and “bedroom” and also comes with the aforementioned amenities: a tub (though only an outdoor one), a firepit, oh and I forgot to mention, you also get a barbecue grill. Yep, you can order a seafood, steak, or surf and turf set that you can grill by yourself. Yes, I’m talking to you, dads. Do your thing while the kids cook their s’mores.

Glamper Suite (Image credit: Marasca)

The tents are great, but they’re still tents, and as such, when winds are strong like it was during my last night there, they flap about quite loudly. Thankfully, the property has taken this into consideration and gives you earplugs. But if you don’t want to stay in a tent, they do have actual villas that can house six adults comfortably. Is it still glamping though if you stay in an actual villa? Hey, you do you.

If you’re one that wants something a little different, Marasca has also outfitted the classic Volkswagen Type 2 to be a Glamper Van. No, you cannot drive it out of the property. Yes, I tried. 

Outside of the two-bedroom Glamper Suite (Image credit: Marasca)

Vineyards & fun

There are already a number of things to do within the property itself. I was able to do a little gardening over at Homegrown where they grow all their produce that they use in the kitchen. Guests can also ride bikes around and outside the property, though the staff did caution us to be careful because elephants sometimes roam about. The property also has a Stardeck, a gorgeous wooden deck perfect for stargazing and s’mores other than your own tent/villa. On top of this, guests can also rent out things like a Polaroid, a Nintendo Switch, or a scooter for their own fun. 

Homegrown (Image credit: Marasca)

Outside of Marasca, the nearby GranMonte Vineyard is a must-visit for wine aficionados. They offer a tour of the whole vineyard and a wine tasting. But if you’re able to visit when they hold their famous brunches, don’t miss it: aside from the great food you’ll eat and the many activities you’ll take part of, you also harvest your own grapes that will be made into wine, which they’ll send to you. Fair warning though: the wine takes about two years to be made. 

If you want to lean heavily into nature, the Khao Yai National Park isn’t too far away. You can also go on a night safari to see the nocturnal animals you wouldn’t normally see in the daytime. But if you want something that gives you a boost of adrenaline, Rapsodi Park Khao Yai has ziplines and ATVs waiting for you.

Sustainable eats

Image credit: Marasca

Marasca has done its best to ensure that everything you need is right there. Want to have a meal at your tent/villa? You can order a barbecue you can cook yourself or order in. Want to have lunch with a view? Head over to Tree Top where you can enjoy fresh veggies straight from their very own garden and with ingredients sustainably sourced from local farmers, something that Marasca is very proud of, and their sustainability efforts aren’t just limited to their restaurant. 

One thing you also shouldn’t miss is their cutely named Cherry Cart, which serves up their signature cherry cheesecake ice cream. I had three scoops. That should tell you just how good it was. Did I mention you also get s’mores?

Peaceful solitude & fresh air

Tree Top (Image credit: Marasca)

With Marasca being just a few hours away from the city and offering such luxurious accommodations in such a gorgeous pollution-free setting, it’s a great option for those with a few bucks to spare and looking for a weekend getaway. The hustle and bustle is nonexistent here; not even the busyness of hotels and resorts can be found on this property. It’s all quiet, all peaceful, and it offers a great respite from your hectic city life.

And they also give you s’mores. I loved the s’mores, okay?

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Checking in: Glamping it up at Marasca Khao Yai

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