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You can now stay in Shrek’s Swamp thanks to Airbnb

Fend off pesky fairytale creatures, take in a fast-talking donkey, and maybe save a princess when you stay at the iconic swamp that belongs to the equally iconic Shrek, all thanks to Airbnb. 

If you’re a recluse who values their privacy, their space, and their property, then do a quick look in the mirror to make sure you aren’t an ogre. But if you ever wanted to live like one or just be as reclusive as one, then it’s your lucky day. Airbnb has opened up the home of one of the most iconic and beloved ogres of our time. For a “price”, you can stay for two nights at the swamp where Shrek lives.


Airbnb is opening up the iconic swamp that belongs to Shrek 

The listing is officially hosted by Donkey, which Shrek is most likely not too thrilled about. The swamp is located in the Scottish Highlands and has all the familiar trappings of Shrek’s swamp from the movies. The “Beware Ogre” sign is there to greet you upon your arrival. The outhouse is ready to have its door kicked down. You can get a good night’s rest on the spacious bed. Maybe Donkey will even make you waffles in the morning.

Up to three guests can come and enjoy Shrek’s Swamp for the duration of the stay. Don’t worry, the lovable yet fiercely private ogre won’t be around as Donkey says he’s off somewhere this Halloween. Airbnb also assures that no Douloc knights will come around to try and capture you so Lord Farquaad can have his fun. 

Image credit: Airbnb

The question of course is how much the stay will cost. The price listed by Airbnb: 0 pounds (that’s THB 0, just in case you’re messing up the conversion). Airbnb is still going to make a one-time donation to the HopScotch Children’s Charity in honour of whoever stays. You can request to make a booking starting on October 13 at 6pm BST or October 14 at midnight, Thailand time.

Find out more about the listing on Airbnb.

You can now stay in Shrek’s Swamp thanks to Airbnb

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