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Wedding designer Devika Narain on what makes weddings larger-than-life

When it comes to planning an Indian wedding with a 1000-people long guest list, several functions, and a variety of logistics, it’s not easy finding the perfect wedding planners that can pull it off without a hitch. But wedding designer Devika Narain seems to know her field. Narain was the master behind the Virat-Anushka Italy wedding and countless others in the country. Having carved a niche, her eponymous Mumbai-based brand has won the gold star in the wedding designing industry. We caught up with her to understand how she forayed into the industry and what goes into a typical Devika Narain wedding.

How did this career open up for you?

I was 10 years old when I attended my first wedding, and by the time I was 13 and saw the movie ‘The Wedding Planner’, I knew that’s exactly what I wanted to be. But as an 18-year-old, I wasn’t sure. So I tried being a teacher, a journalist, a writer, and even a painter. I understand now that it’s when all your plans go wrong that wonderful unforeseen things happen. Along the journey, I found myself in my dream job.

I loved every bit of my dream for four years and soon got comfortable with what I was doing. So one day, I decided to quit my dream job and decided to start on my own. Initially, there wasn’t any thought of making it big. It was a tussle between being able to make it at all, and at that point, I just went along and buried my nose in my work. From there, on the dining table of a small rented apartment, the idea of DNC was born.

How do you stay relevant in an industry where the tide changes quickly?

By staying true to ourselves. If you love what you do and make something of value, you will always find someone to buy it. People don’t hire us because we’re the best wedding designers in the country/world or have the most creativity. They hire us because they believe in the same principles as us – sustainability, authenticity, being personal and true to yourself. Create something unique that’s impossible to recreate.

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How does one stay at the top in this job?

By being efficient and empathetic. You have to be on your toes, anticipate problems and have solutions. You have to have empathy for the family as their needs come first. That’s what I mean by designing with heart. It’s not about a pretty theme or a fun product, but about staying sensitive and enterprising. 

What have you learnt in your career in wedding planning?

For the last decade, weddings have been about showmanship, grandeur, and theatrical. I have seen the shift in focus from ‘grand’ to feel-good weddings. It’s now about how guests feel, what they do and their overall experience. The focus of a wedding should be on family. It is the only time multiple generations are together and that should drive the celebration.

What’s your aesthetic – how do you approach a wedding?

At Devika & Co comes we design weddings, we are not essentially just planners. We don’t copy-paste. Our weddings are unique, bespoke and personal. And just like the art and design movement, this expression is devoid of market trends.  

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The most memorable wedding you created?

In the summer of 2015, I got a call from San Francisco. The caller, Sylvia, told me me that she was getting married in December in Kumarakom. She was Telugu, he was American. She asked if I could help. I googled the venue and saw the most stunning photos of the backwaters. Without thinking twice, I said yes. Six months in, we designed what was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever had the privilege of creating. To me, that’s what wedding spaces should do. Remind us of where we come from and make the people we love happy. 

The most challenging and fulfilling part of the wedding design?

The last few hours of setup are the best – a shot of adrenaline. The ability to be able to see something come to life from nothing is spectacular. The sheer joy that you feel after months of planning, absolute insanity, mess-ups, and firefighting is exhilarating.

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A wedding you’d love to execute?

Design a wedding in the snow. Never done it, but I would love to. And like all wedding designers, I want to do a wedding at the Four Seasons in Paris. I’ve heard it’s the best.

A destination that has your heart?

Kumarakom in Kerala. And of course, the Virushka wedding in Italy.

What’s in store for Devika Narain & Co?

We have only two goals. The first is to tell stories and family histories through spaces and make each event unique. The second is to go completely local and create weddings handcrafted by NGOs and artisans. Our goal is to give back little by little. We want to be conscious thought leaders in this industry and become a bigger design house.

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