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Editor’s Picks: 20 weird and wonderful things we want for Christmas this year

Still hankering for the perfect gift this Christmas? Let the team at Lifestyle Asia Thailand inspire you with our very own Christmas wish list.

Without a doubt, this is the most diverse Christmas wish list we have ever had. As our team keeps on growing, and in December the demands keep on showing, each team member wrote a list of five items they’d like to see stuffed in their stocking or under the tree this year. From Pilates classes to chocolate buffets, and the PS5 to a cotton pyjama set and Hi-Chews, read on for some wonderful and weird inspiration this festive season.

What we really want is work-life balance, but for now we’ll settle for material things. Here we go.

[Hero Image Credit: Slip x Alice + Olivia; Featured Image Credit: Swatch]

Editor’s Picks: 20 things we want for Christmas this year

Siamese Dreams Luxe Classic Pyjama Set

I’m a pyjama junkie. It’s a serious addiction, and I’m not ashamed at all. I remember when Peggy Gou made it somewhat acceptable/cool to wear pyjamas to go out, and I remember when I wrote this article a few years ago because I was a huge fan of the movement. On my wish list this year is definitely a pair of quality pyjamas, and this time I’ve got my eye on Phuket-based Siamese Dreams. Sustainably-produced in Thailand and featuring designs by a local artist, I love the lightweight cotton feel of these pyjama sets, and the message of ethical fashion that they convey. Siamese Dreams prides itself in propagating mindful rest rituals, and if there’s anything I need this Christmas season, it’s a mindful rest ritual. — Lisa Gries, Creative Content Director

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The Diptyque Holiday Collection candles

I know it’s impossible to have that scene in the Hollywood Christmas movies where you snuggle by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand. But I hope at least I can pretend these festive candles from Diptyque are my tiny fireplaces that fill my tropical home in Bangkok with Christmas vibes. — Paint Chayanin, Content Writer

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A PlayStation 5

If you’re a gamer, this is probably also on your wish list, which also means that like me, you don’t have one yet. Whether 2023 will be the year when the PS5 will finally be available in stores and not just in once-a-month pre-orders where they immediately get sold out within nanoseconds, only time will tell. But if I don’t have a PS5 yet before Death Stranding 2 comes out, I’m rampaging all over the North Pole like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando and kicking Santa’s behind. — Eric E. Surbano, Senior Writer

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ABBA’s Gold album

Seriously, what would be a better gift for the festive season than a reminder of the cultural shift that is ABBA? You can dance, you can jive—having the time of your life. It’s an initiative to take a chance on things, and that you, as much as everyone does, deserve a man after midnight this year, next year, and every year. — Vichayuth Chantan, Content Writer

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Aman Hotels & Resorts gift card

Did you know that Aman started making gift cards? If you know an Aman junkie, this is an absolute treat. You can gift them a special experience with this card, or even an entire stay. I visited Amansara earlier this year, and my Aman juices have been flowing ever since. Weird sentence aside, I think this is an absolute treat for travel and hotel lovers, and I’m dropping hints here now if anybody wants to know the key to my heart. The hardest part is choosing a location. Amanoi to fuel my Vietnamese food cravings? Aman New York to check out their newest property? Amankila because a little Bali never killed nobody? The options are dreamily endless. — LG

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A bag of Hi-Chew

The succulent taste, the soft yet chewy texture, the balance of sweet and sour—it’s already mouthwatering to think about. Plus, would you trust someone who doesn’t love Hi-Chews? It’s the perfect gift for friends, family, or the communal snack drawer you lovingly share with your co-workers. — VC

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A voucher to the Festive Chocolate Buffet at The Sukhothai Bangkok

I believe that cacao beans are one of the greatest gifts from Mother Nature, so I would happily revel in the chocolate wonderland at The Sukhothai Bangkok. It serves tons of chocolate-forward recipes like chocolate fondue, The Sukhothai pralines, ice cream, and more. Heavenly. — PC

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Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish

For normal people, a quiet night in might mean putting on a series we’ve been dying to watch, or try out a recipe we’ve bookmarked. For an arts student, it means to kick back and relax and study how we’re under constant surveillance in the digital era, and how we’re in a futile power struggle against the class observing us. Let Michel Foucault tell you all about that in one of his books. — VC

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Charlotte Tilbury’s Diamond Chest of Beauty Stars

I have high hopes that at least one of the items from Charlotte Tilbury’s 12 Door Advent Calendar will join me for the year’s end celebration. For example the TikTok-famous Hollywood Beauty Light Wand and the Matte Revolution lipstick. Just saying. — PC

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Having your Steam library as accessible as a Nintendo Switch is a sure-fire way for a gamer to never socialise again. In other words, it’s every gamer’s dream. The Steamdeck calls itself an “all-in-one portable PC gaming” device, and while it will never be the same as actually playing on a PC, it does a dang good job in allowing you to play your PC games wherever you go. Unfortunately, it’s not available to be ordered here yet, which again is the reason why it’s on my wish list. — ES

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OMEGA x Swatch Moonswatch

I know the Moonswatch had its moment but it’s still unbelievably hard to find in Bangkok, and something about this cruel yet clever marketing technique is getting to me. I have long been a watch lover and my inner child is obsessed with this collaboration, much like the rest of the world. The playfulness of a Swatch (raise your hand if you too owned a Flik Flak as a 5-year-old!) with the sophistication of an OMEGA timepiece is really something else. Granted, it’s not the fancy wrist candy I’ll be flaunting to my next evening gala event, but it’s a timepiece that would have a treasured spot in my collection. Now if only I could find someone who loves me enough to stand in line for hours at the next drop… — LG

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Peppa’s Magical Unicorn in Scots

Sometimes when ye feel lonely or doon, a guid book woods lift ye reit up. An’ whit woods be better than readin’ th’ beloved character Peppa Pig as she visits scootlund? Feel th’ sense ay friendship, fin adventures, an’ tryin’ tae make sense ay half th’ words. — VC 

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Ravenclaw Pride Gift Trunk

As a big Potterhead and a proud Ravenclaw, this gift trunk is what will make my Hogwarts dream come true. Yes, I’m a 29-year-old that’s still waiting for his Hogwarts letter. Y’all can laugh. I’ll Cruciate you all the way to Durmstrang.  — ES

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The Lumina Desk

With an adjustable height that could alleviate my office syndrome, an always-on ambient display, a wireless charging surface, and several other unique features, the Lumina Desk is the working desk of my dreams. Although, these cool features probably wouldn’t really boost my productivity as much as they would distract me from work. — PC

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Civilization 6 on Steam

A perfect gift for the ones we adore, but could do better without their presence. Civilization 6 is one of the games with the magical power of starting the game at 10am, and suddenly, you just missed three meals, your friends couldn’t get ahold of you, and your plants are dead from the dehydration.

And it’s so worth it once you get that science victory. — VC

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Alice + Olivia pure silk pillowcase

I recently started using silk pillowcases because my friends have convinced me that I’m ageing and silk pillowcases can help prevent wrinkles, combat acne, and protect hair from tangling and breakage. I already made the switch to silk scrunchies earlier, so silk pillowcases was no major jump for me, though I have long been searching for a snazzy design to really jazz things up in the bedroom (I’m a homebody, clearly). Alice + Olivia has always been a fun brand I’ve been very fond of, so when I saw that they collaborated with Slip, I knew this deserved a place on my list. Bright, vintage-inspired, and great quality: I’m ready for my beauty sleep.  — LG

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Breo Box

I’ve always wanted to try out one of these subscription boxes but have never had the — ahem — financial capability to do so. The Breo Box has six to eight items in every box all relating to tech and useful gadgets for your home. As someone who wants to make his small condo unit as smart as it can be, the Breo Box is definitely something I wish I could have. — ES

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A Pilates course at Absolute You

Still in efforts to cope with my office syndrome’s back pain, a private pilates course is the perfect gift for me. It also contributes to my hopeless attempt to lose weight, too. — PS

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Le Creuset iron casserole pot

I’ll admit it: I have never made a casserole in my entire life. But I’ll also admit it: I feel like I would really look like I have my life together if I had a casserole pot, especially from Le Creuset. I miss cooking together with my partner as we did during lockdown, and I’m hoping that by adding cute kitchenware to the home, we can bring back some of that magic again. Le Creuset’s pots are a lifetime investment, so it’s a pretty meaningful gift to give, too.  — LG

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Henry Cavill back as Superman

I’m still in the stage of denial. I’ll hope against all hope that he comes back. — ES

Hope against all hope here

Editor’s Picks: 20 weird and wonderful things we want for Christmas this year

Lisa Gries

Creative Content Director, Bangkok

Lisa is the Creative Content Director at Lifestyle Asia Thailand. When she’s not knees-deep in SEO analysis or editorial calendars, you’ll likely find her in downward-facing dog at the yoga studio, or immersed in conversation at a secret bar in China town. Lisa writes mostly on dining, travel, and pop-culture, and is a huge fan of soup dumplings, Riesling, and power napping — in exactly that order.

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