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LSA Opinion: Beyond the Negroni, which other drink deserves its own week? 

Towns are quite literally being painted red this week as Negroni Week 2023 is officially upon us. As the annual event spotlights this classic Italian cocktail, the Lifestyle Asia team sits at the bar to discuss: which other drink deserves its very own week?

Negroni Week is hosted every year in celebration of the Negroni cocktail. Bars set up special menus for the occasion, and various dining outlets craft limited-time-only menus. This year, Bangkok even sees a special Negroni Week cruise as part of the festivities. 

Clever marketing paired with our undying love for a reason to party, the phenomenon is an interesting one. It’s not uncommon for there to be entire days dedicated to a food or a drink — International Coffee Day, Pizza Day, the U.S. even celebrates National Mac & Cheese Day — but an entire week is a challenge even for the most beloved dishes. Beyond Negroni Week, few have managed to have the same kind of allure — few until perhaps now. 

This week, the Lifestyle Asia team asks for a double shot of your finest, and lets the imagination run wild. If you could choose to celebrate any drink in the world for an entire week, what drink would it be, and how would you pitch it?

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Amy Shamblen/Unsplash]

LSA Opinion: Beyond Negroni Week, which other drinks deserve their own week?

highball week after negroni week alternative drinks
Image Credit: Montatip Lilitsanong/Unsplash

Highball Week

My editor doesn’t recognise highballs as actual cocktails, so this will be some sort of campaign to say a highball is more than just pouring whisky and soda into a glass. Bars can participate by making their own variations, and be supported by different whisky brands. Hold masterclasses, bring in guest shifts from overseas. It’s the perfect opportunity to highlight Japanese hospitality, as well as how a simple cocktail can be elevated. I would bar-hop and get multiple highballs in one night, for sure. And I know multiple people that will join me.
—KV, Content Writer

Bloody Mary Week

Unpopular opinion: I actually don’t hate Bloody Marys. I thought long and hard about this, and whilst I did want to give credit to my favourite cocktails, it’s time the Bloody Mary gets a PR makeover. Bloody Mary Week works great because it pairs well with brunch, and who doesn’t love yet another excuse to get brunch? It spotlights various vegetables (though it isn’t quite vegan because of the anchovies in Worcestershire sauce), and is quite sustainable if you use a celery stick as the stirring spoon. For events, you could go fancy (oyster pairings), or casual (hot wings competitions). Fun could be had with variations (bacon, kimchi, jalapeños), and there would be an endless slew of sponsors (vodka, hot sauce, olive importers). The hangover cure that keeps on giving, you may not even know where Bloody Mary Week ends, and where it begins. Come on guys, this sells itself.
—LG, Creative Content Director

bloody mary week negroni week drinks alternative
Image Credit: Arina Krasnikova/Pexels

Sake Week

Sake Week will be an opportunity for Thais to learn about the culture in a fun way, while Japanese living in Bangkok will get to reminisce over their own traditions. The event, which could be sponsored by the Embassy of Japan, will take place in the ‘Japanese area’ of Sukhumvit where lots of Japanese people, bars, and restaurants are. All the Japanese restaurants will serve a sake pairing meal, while the bars will come up with fun sake cocktails. Only J-Pop, J-Rock, and traditional Japanese music is allowed. A curry-eating contest will take place along with Sumo wrestling. Attendees can sign up to an idol project called ‘SKW48’.
—PC, Content Writer

Milo Week

Milo Week. Those Milo trucks won’t just be going around schools anymore. Let them go to offices where they finally sell Milo Dinosaurs, which is long overdue, and let the office workers who are down and weary get a boost from the real energy drink, not that red male cow thing (yeah, I said what I said). Milo cereal, Milo ice cream, Milo candy bars should all be free. At the end of the week, there should be two events. One is for kids with the typical children’s party vibe, and the second is for adults. Green outfits, 90s hits (because the people who are there probably grew up in the 90s drinking Milo like me), and unlimited Milo drinks. Milo everyday, my dudes. Milo everyday.
—ES, Senior Writer

when is martini week
Image Credit: Mathilde Langevin/Unsplash

Martini Week

Martini Week because I love dry Martinis, but also, there are many different types of Martinis you can drink — think, espresso, lychee, passion fruit, and so on. There could be a Martini-making class, where celebs, KOLs, and the media are invited to learn how to make various Martinis. Then, another day, people could come join and pay for the class, of course. Guests can learn about the cocktail, gin, and pairing different Martinis with certain foods.
—TC, Content Writer

Doi Kham Tomato Juice Week

I’m not sure why a lot of people I know grimace whenever I said I love drinking Doi Kham’s tomato juice. It has the right balance between saltiness and acidity with a slight tint of sulfur—plus it’s relatively good for your skin as well. If we were to have similar events to Negroni Week for Doi Kham’s tomato juice, I’d want to see a tomato juice pairing with food or even dessert in Bangkok’s food scene. With its umami flavor and rich amino acid, it makes tomato juice particularly tasty and helps boost the flavor of other ingredients—think Doi Kham’s tomato juice pairing with Kad Kokoa or Paradai’s chocolate or Thai local cheese.
–PL, Features Editor

LSA Opinion: Beyond the Negroni, which other drink deserves its own week? 

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