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How celebrities are pulling off pastel hair colours

We know trends come as quickly as they go, but with this latest hair craze, we’re very sure that it’s going to be here and on everyone for the rest of the year. Soft, delicate yet bright pastel coloured hair is the latest hair trend of the year, much like how balayage was the trend in 2018. These pastel hues will soon be on top of everyone’s head (or mostly, we believe) but it’s easier said than done because dark Asian hair sometimes doesn’t have the natural ability to go that light.

Imagine sitting on the chair for hours and going through tubs of hair bleach to get that princessy-looking colour. It’s not a hair process for all but doesn’t mean we can’t dream and admire how pretty they look on all skin tones. We got our first glimpse of pastel-coloured hair on a certain Jenner (of course) — Kylie Jenner posted a picture of her pastel blue hair on social media and that got many fans across the globe hopping onto the bandwagon almost immediately. Then, we have Lady Gaga who turned up at the recent Golden Globes with an even brighter blue hair that matched her Valentino Couture princess gown. Are you convinced yet?

These celebrities may change your mind about that five-hour hair dyeing process and the results will definitely be worth it. Plus, with all the advanced hair products and equipment right now, going pastel should be an easy achievement but now it’s just deciding which colour of the rainbow should you start with. Let them give you some hair inspiration.

Jolin Lee


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