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Gucci’s Haute Perfumery line is the elevated bucolic touch you need

Blended by master perfumer Alberto Morillas under Alessandro Michele’s creative direction, Gucci’s Haute Perfumery line, The Alchemist’s Garden, unfolds within an imagined laboratory filled with curious jars and mesmerizing scents. Pick one, and let it be your best friend for the summer. Because frankly, these are the only scents that count this season.

Gucci’s Haute Perfumery line, available here. Courtesy of Gucci.

One need to only glimpse on the rings that adorn Alessandro Michele’s fingers — Victorian, Elizabethan, and vintage serpents, dragons, and skull signets — to understand that, while the Gucci creative director has played a big part in directing the fashion houses’ future, he’s also deeply sticking to the past. Which is why it came as no surprise when Michele’s dive into fragrance, took its inspiration from the bottles that line the shelves of antique Italian apothecaries. Yes, you read it right — apothecaries.

Created from a great imagination

Dipping into Michele’s most whimsical fantasies — his points of inspiration are recognisably diverse — he planned, designed and executed The Alchemist’s Garden, a collection of seven eaux de parfum, four perfumed oils, three acque profumate (“scented waters”) and one scented candle. Resuscitating the heroes of the fragrance world — oud, amber, violet, iris, mimosa, rose and woods — Michele once again plunges into the past for treasures. And there is no doubt that he sure did find some hoarded wealth. In heavy porcelain decanters, each with its own shield-shaped pattern, the bottles arrive in the most luxurious conduct — embroidered silk jacquard pouches. And if you place your ear and listen carefully, a Gregorian chant can be heard softly playing as you lift the lid.

Staying true to form

It doesn’t take much to understand that the line is as covetable as the house’s fur-lined loafers and bumblebee-embellished Dionysus bags. And the nature-inspired elixirs are, according to Michael, supposed “to bring you back to an imaginary place.” How can one argue with that — the 15-piece collection, all distilled into tall ivory lacquered glass vessels, sure does that to your imagination.


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