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Hermes finally announces a move into skincare and beauty

Fashion news outlet Business of Fashion has announced that Hermes will debut its own luxury makeup and skincare come 2020. This move is as anticipated as it is belated since we’re in a market saturated with fashion giants that double down in the cosmetics field, so we’re fully expecting the French house to bring out the big guns.

Hermès beauty
The Twilly d’Hermès collection. (Photo credit: Hermès)

Hermes is no stranger to the world of beauty, with its own series of highly successful perfumes, including the best-selling Twilly d’Hermès, and a bodycare suite. Business of Fashion also reports that the collection will be plastic-free, another plus point to make the collection stand out in our increasingly eco-conscious market.

Hermès is known for its minimalist but visually intriguing packaging across its fragrances, and we can expect the same ethos to translate to its beauty line as well. (Photo credit: Hermès)

Though little is known about the upcoming launch, we can stave off the year-long wait by dreaming up exactly how extensive the line is going to be. One can probably expect a streamlined skincare section similar to those offered by Chanel or Giorgio Armani, offered alongside a sustainable makeup line spanning lipsticks, foundations to eyeshadows.

Start saving to splurge.

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