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See the top Olympic athletes team up to denounce beauty standards with SK-II

While the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is all about healthy competition, one thing’s for sure between the female athletes – beauty is no competition. 

This message is part of a campaign by SK-II, titled #NOCOMPETITION, crafted to shatter the toxicity inherent to modern-day ideals of beauty. The campaign details prominent Olympic athletes gathering to call out these toxic norms, including the likes of gymnast Simone Biles, surfer Mahina Maeda and swimmer Liu Xiang.

Adding to the conversation is Delphine Buttin, Global SK-II Olympic Games Program Leader, who says, “in today’s society, if you want to be considered beautiful, you would have to look, act and feel a certain way.

For example, on social media, to be beautiful is to have a certain type of physique, behave a certain way and portray to the world how happy and carefree you’re feeling. More and more girls curate these “perfect” social media profiles thinking this is the only way to be beautiful. But there should be no competing standards on how someone should look, feel and act. Beauty is #NOCOMPETITION and our athletes ar a true testament to this.”

In an age where beauty ideals are increasingly manicured and warped, it is positive to witness prominent athletes stand up to testify otherwise. Watch the official campaign here:

(All images: SK-II)

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Singapore. 

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