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We list 5 beauty products that are among the most expensive in the world

Outer beauty is a gift — We let you discover 5 of the most exceptional cosmetic products that money can buy — often found atop the vanities of some of the most well-known celebrities.


Packaged inside four five-star bottles, Guerlain’s intensive anti-aging treatment is a masterpiece of luxury skincare which requires four weeks for completion. Using complementary formulas, this cocktail of powerful ingredients raises the crescendo of the rebirth of skin via Blackimmume ™ technology. Thanks to this increase in protection, the skin can focus completely on regeneration. It repairs the visible signs of aging, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, provides volume and firmness, leaving the face beautiful and totally rejuvenated. During the second week of application, the complexion becomes unified and brighter, while the treatment emits a light Orchid fragrance. Upon completion, the skin feels firmer and truly nourished.

111 Skin gets its inspiration from the lunar cycle to create this innovative LUNAR 28 treatment. This intensive skin care routine is simply  designed to follow the 28 day lunar cycle, during which the skin will return to brilliance. In the first phase, a powerful and highly-active concentrate of Exfolactive EL, gently exfoliates and corrects the surface of the skin. Week 2 should be started with the lightening serum, to begin the skin’s brightenyl enrichment process, whereby it fights stains and minimizes pores. Week 3 treatment is enriched with high levels of Hyaluronic acid that will maintain the hydration levels during the intensive brightening process. The last phase is marked by the repairing and protective serums, which protects the epidermis from future skin issues during the coming lunar phases.

This ultra-luxe skin treatment employs the Miracle Broth ™ formula, exclusively composed by La Crème de la Mer. It’s a cocktail of active elements, including seaweed extract, rich nutrients and natural ingredients. The luxuriously rich cream immerses skin in deep, giving it a soothing moisture and helping it to heal from dryness. The marine concentrate boosts the skin cells regeneration capacity, and provides a bubble of intense hydration, leaving the skin to feel soft-to-the-touch, supple, smooth and rejuvenated.

Under the guidance of Dr. Paul Niehans, accomplished in the field of regeneration and cell therapy, came this particular product by La Prairie. The formula is unique and drawn from La Prairie’s heritage of bold scientific quests and audacious innovation, it truly reawakens and transforms the skin. The product is in line with the brand’s scientific breakthroughs, complete with a few guidelines: nutrition, breathing, detoxification, and immunity. The skin’s texture and elasticity are improved, the appearance of lines and wrinkles is visibly reduced and the skin emanates the radiance of youth. Talk about waking up fresh as a rose in the morning.

Coco wanted to create a fragrance that didn’t ressemble any other — 1921 this legendary liquid was revealed to the public and it is without a doubt the most famous perfume in the world. Why you might wonder? A composition hailing from Chanel herself, inspired by rarity and power, “a woman’s perfume, capturing a woman’s essence”. In its 900 ml version, the N°5 stands out as a highly desirable product that only the determined collectors get their hands on. Produced only on request, the faceted glass bottle contains precious hints of neroli and jasmin from Grasse, sealed tight with the help of a handmade baudruche. N°5 Chanel has stayed in fashion for almost a century and the fragrance is adored by a dedicated audience, as well then as now.

Tatjana Kostic
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