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Why 2019 is the year of microneedling

We all have a fair share of innovative beauty products and gadgets across the years — from blow-dry hair accelerators to flashy LED beauty devices that promise even more effective results. When we thought the latter is as good as it gets, there’s one more to add onto the list and this may get a little painful to read.

Microneedling — it is exactly what it sounds like. On a dermaroller are small needles that puncture into your skin as it goes around creating very tiny holes, and yes you read that right. The purpose is to encourage the skin to produce more collagen and renews its tissue (since it’s ‘punctured’ by the needles). This encourages the regeneration of a new layer of skin with an even texture; firmer and more toned. This is a great option for those suffering from acne scars, large pores and sagging skin. Right after the treatment, there is very minimal or close to no downtime except for a couple of red spots here and there depending on your skin’s sensitivity. You won’t be walking out the door with blood dripping down your face, don’t you worry.

This procedure may or may not sound new to you but in fact, it’s actually an ancient treatment started by a German dermatologist in 1905. Microneedling, or also known as collagen induction therapy started to gain fame again recently because brands are starting to release their own do-it-at-home kits which garnered attention from consumers once again.

So here comes the big question — should you get it done by an expert or start rolling it yourself at home? It’s always best to leave it to the experts because they are the experienced ones in the industry. Numbing creams are readily available in the facial centre and after-care steps are done so you’ll be walking out with very little side effects. But if you’ve already purchased that DIY kit, fret not. These kits’ needles are actually shorter than those used by the experts — but you have to still proceed with extreme caution.

There’s no doubt that consumers are always in constant search of new beauty trends and techniques. But we are certain that microneedling will be up everyone’s alley for sure. The treatment is simple and easy to understand, plus many have been raving about the results. 2019 is the year of microneedling? — a definite yes.

But if you are afraid of needles but still want that glowy skin, here are skincare products that help promote collagen production as well.


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