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JonOne’s “The Night Show” exhibition has arrived at Galeries Bartoux

On June 13, 2019, JonOne was opening his newest solo show, called “The Night Show” at Galeries Bartoux. The Harlem artist was introducing his latest series of graffiti-inspired canvases to the Parisian who’s-who, with a nice cocktail presentation, set up by the Bartoux family business.

The pop-artist was presenting a few dozen canvases to a large Parisian crowd, on Thursday evening. The exhibition features coveted pieces inspired by Paris, nightlife and John ‘JonOne’ Perello’s love affair with the city of lights. It was also the occasion for art collectors to come and talk directly with the artist. Who by the way, remained available to the public, signing booklets and books to his most dedicated fans.


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The event was also a chance for the artist to shed light on both a charitable cause, and present a variety of content. The artist announced he will be giving away all of the sales and donations proceeds to Fondation Abbé Pierre, a historical French foundation combatting the housing crisis, by providing short and long term solutions for the most disadvantaged.

“The Night Show” is free and open to public visits until June 30, at the newest Galerie Bartoux venue in Paris.

Galerie Bartoux

5, avenue de Matignon

75008 Paris

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