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Moving to Mars: an exhibition at the Design Museum in London

After recently presenting a critically acclaimed retrospective on Stanley Kubrick, the Design Museum of London is now headed to the Red Planet. Showcasing NASA’s very own collection of archive gear, the space explorer daydream will also be rooted in the now, as it will also feature ESA and SpaceX devices and tools.

Space and Design explorations

It wouldn’t really be the Design Museum if the temporary exhibit didn’t also put under the spotlight a little furnishing. For that matter, they will present American-French industrial design pioneer Raymond Loewy’s ideas about colonising our dusty red neighbour. 

”As a museum interested in emergent futures, we are keen to explore how designing for space can help us design for Earth,” Justin McGuirk, Chief Curator of the museum told, in a recent interview. “On the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, we are entering a new space age, with Mars once again capturing the popular imagination.” he emphasised. 

For that very reason, immersion will also be a part of the exhibition. Several installations will be there for visitors to experience what an indoor, non-human-friendly Mars environment looks and feels like. At least in terms of space and design. Hassell Studio (gallery), is set to provide real life instances for a now possible multi-planetary future human environment. 

Opens in October 2019. More details on London’s Design Museum’s website.

London Design Museum
224-238 Kensington High St.
Moving to Mars: an exhibition at the Design Museum in London

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