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These 8 coffee table books will complete your living room decoration


Paris Design Week is already upon us! That means your living room is about to see some change. We figured you might need some inspiration to renew the face of your library or living room shelves. Below, are 8 hard-covered coffee table books that will enlighten your interior (and curiosity).

When it comes to art books, American publisher Rizzoli is known for releasing really good quality hard covers in wider ranges than others. With Louis Vuitton, luxury, art and architecture go together like peanut butter, jelly, and a baseball hat. The book was first released in 2009, but was recently updated with more of LV’s latest works, including Jeff Koons, Murakami and Marc Jacobs. A must have for any Louis Vuitton fan, or simply beautiful objects, for that matter.


The book raised a lot of eyebrows, when the book first came out in 2016. Apple was criticized for selling a 250€ product that doesn’t feature any technological breakthrough. The ultra-minimalistic visual encyclopedia takes an intimate, technical look at the products that have changed personal computing for the better, merging it with the creative and entertainment world. All photography by Andrew Zuckerman, introduced by Jony Ive. The book come in two different sizes.


Annie’s SUMO is one legendary book that finally matches the photographer’s talent. It is available with four different covers, including Whoopy Goldberg and Keith Haring (the choice is yours). It comes with an elegant, robust tripod, designed by Marc Newson. Only 9000 editions of the book have been made, worldwide. Each of them is signed and number by Leibovitz herself.


Nicholas Foulkes details the history of 100 timepieces created in the 20th century. In order to come up with this impressive curation, the scholar went back and studied last century’s most important releases, classifying them by rarity, cost, design, innovation and history. A volume that encapsulates his passion for watchmaking better than any other work we’ve seen.


This book can be looked at as a stroll down memory lane for Kate Moss. This book, that curates some of Mario Sorrenti‘s very best work, is an intimate dive into the eyes of the photographer, who at the time, was just discovering the supermodel in the making. It includes exclusive, never-before-published photographs.


One of the photographers that really kickstarted the supermodel era has passed away on September 3rd. In memory of his trailblazing body of work, here is one of the latest books, published by Taschen. “Peter Lindbergh’s oeuvre belongs to a world of its own,” the publisher stated in the wake of his death, and we couldn’t agree more. Lindbergh’s portfolio should be part of any collection.


Although the book was released almost a decade ago now, the book summing up the work of Brian Donnelly. The American graffiti vandal turned multidisciplinary modern art maven recaps here his work since its genesis, for the very first time.


This very exclusive edition features one of the biggest star photographer that we’ve seen in recent memory. The Peruvian photographer has shot the most famous faces in the worlds of music, fashion or cinema, and still is considered by his peers to be a visionary. The best of both worlds is finally reunited in one place: candid and studio photography come together to create a three-volume masterpiece that any art photography enthusiast should consider getting.


Tawfik Akachar

Senior Writer, Paris

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