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Virgil Abloh unveiled an artistic sound system in Paris

During the weekend, Virgil Abloh unveiled an artistic sound system in Paris. The sound system is a neon pink sculpture, and dubbed “12-inch voices”.


The sculpture was the core of the Kaleidoscope Manifesto festival’s weekend. The festival brought together some of the most interesting and influential figures on the contemporary creative scene to meet the Parisian public. Prior to it, Lafayette Anticipations, in charge of the event, completely transformed the building that held the group exhibition. Rem Koolhaas and architect firm OMA changed the building into a crossroad of ideas and genres. Virgil Abloh is one of the very first artists to be featured in the new rue du Plâtre spotlight.


The sculpture stole the show

Fresh-off a Venice trip, where he was presenting his new furniture, the Chicago-native quickly stopped back on this side of the Alps. Attending the exhibition’s opening, where he met and greeted fans, the former West collaborator couldn’t resist on playing some tunes too! Other artworks were accompanying the project, and artworks from emerging artists populated the rest of the vicinity too. Young talents like SULK III, Cali Tornhill Dewitt and Girl Reading Group all had their crafts ushering Virgil’s in the new location. But the talk of the town was without any doubt the designers sound system. 

Abloh is a prolific musician and the sound wall was playing the artist’s live performances. Which comes as no surprise as he has a lot of live shows under his world famous DJ hat! 

In the meantime, on the other side of the Atlantic, the MCA of Chicago recently announced a retrospective in honour of the American designer. It will be focusing on his 20 years of work in music, fashion, design and architecture.


The event took place this weekend, from May 17 to May 19.


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Virgil Abloh unveiled an artistic sound system in Paris

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