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Happy 130th birthday Moulin Rouge!

For 130 years, the Moulin Rouge has been a mecca for those visiting Paris from the four corners of the globe. Since then, over 10 million spectators have experienced the sequin-and-feather extravaganza created by some of the biggest names, foremost among which is the magnanimous Mistinguett. For the anniversary celebration on October 6, the entire cabaret’s troupe will be reunited at the Pigalle institution to whip up a French Cancan frenzy. Here are 10 figures that demonstrate the importance of this great French tradition.

240,000: the number of champagne bottles popped every year at the Moulin Rouge.

4 million: The budget (in euros) for the performers’ Corrado Colabucci-designed costumes, including shoes and headdresses. The French Cancan costumes alone costs 5,000 euros each. In total, the “Féérie” revue cost 8 million euros.

5: The number of pythons taking part in the “Féérie” revue — in addition to the six dwarf horses making their appearance on stage. Not to mention the aquarium (containing no less than 40 tons of water) that appears in a number of scenes.

12: The number of costumes worn by one performer during a show. Twenty-three stylists are on hand to help the troupe change outfits between scenes. In total, the Moulin Rouge’s wardrobe consists of over 1,000 costumes — all of which are hand-made to measure.

37: The minimum shoe size for the Doriss Girls’ (the Moulin Rouge’s famous dancers) costumes. The Maison Clairvoy-provided footwear goes up to 46 (for men).

14: The number of nationalities that make up the Doriss Girls, with a majority of them French, British and Australian.

2: The maximum weight in kilos that a Moulin Rouge dancer can gain. And that is also the number of kilos that the Doriss Girls, whose measurements are closely watched, can shed.

120: The number of maître-d’s, head waiters and servers that compose the front-of-the-room staff serving the 900 guests who take in the show — along with chef David Le Quellec’s cuisine, while the bustling kitchen keeps 25 cooks busy.

600,000: The total number of guests hosted by the Moulin Rouge yearly. And contrary to popular misconceptions, foreign tourists aren’t the only ones who visit the hallowed institution: half of the audience is usually French.

4.5 million: The conservative estimate for the total audience who took in the “Formidable” revue, which was created for the Moulin Rouge’s 100th anniversary, in 1988, and ran until 1999. The next show “Féérie,” premiered on December 23, 1999.

Tatjana Kostic
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