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Photo report: Inside the Ed Banger block party at the Castle of Versailles

Last weekend, Ed Banger held a one-off electronic music concert in the Castle of Versailles. Pedro Winter and his posse were expecting a little more than 12 000 people in attendance, and thanks to a merciful weather, a solid crowd showed up…

For this unique event in the historical landmark, nothing was left to chance. A special attention was brought to the lighting, especially. The Parisian label brought lasers and projectors to the Glass Gallery façade, in front of which the stage was set. The magnificent French garden welcomed the first attendants by 7:30pm, an hour before the official launch of the concert. For one hour, the crowd was free to roam and visit the royal setting, and luckily, the sun had decided to show up as well.

Golden hour

At 8:30pm, So-Me kickstarted the concert. The French DJ and visual artist brought a laid back yet punchy vibe to start the show, as the gardens slowly filled with people. The landmark turned venue had everything a crowd this size needs: bars, more bars, food trucks and on-the-fly eateries. As night slowly set on the royal city of Versailles, the show gained intensity. Breakbot & Irfane brought their disco-infused sound to the stage while the bossman, Pedro Winter was patiently waiting for his finale of the night: a pure electronic set, accompanied by a firework display that tied up this incredible night.

Tawfik Akachar
Senior Writer, Paris
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