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Ed Banger Records is taking over the castle of Versailles on June 8

Busy-P and his troops are about to perform the very first electronic music concert in the history of the castle. For years, Ed Banger has given life to the French electronica scene, with the release of amazing projects from the likes of Justice, Sebastian, Mr Oizo and Cassius, to name a few. The record label is now given the honour of performing live in the famous Hall of Mirrors, on June 8th.



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For those of you who didn’t know, Ed Banger is one of France’s most successful record labels, ever. It is the home of legendary duo Justice, and their CEO is none other than Pedro Winter, the man behind Daft Punk. For a few years now, the Castle of Versailles has been hosting various events, but this one is the first of its kind. It might even foreshadow other events from the same kind.

For one exceptional night, the galerie will turn into a gigantic venue, while the terraces will serve as temporary dance-floors. No less than 12000 souls are expected for the one-off concert. Gates open at 7pm, while the show itself is announced for an 8:30pm start. 

A royalty feel for the roster

The live event lineup features a portion of the current Ed Banger roster. Breakbot & Irfane, Busy P himself, So Me and Myd will take turn behind the consoles to send the crowd into another dimension. So, if your fear of missing out kicks in, book your ticket while you still can. Please note that the first series of tickets has already sold out. Other tickets should be coming online in the days to come. But they should sell out in a jiffy so be on the lookout!


You can find more information on Pedro Winter’s Instagram, right above.


Special Ed Banger Night at the Castle of Versailles
Chateau de Versailles, Versailles, France
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