Hold on to your party hats — the Eiffel Tower has just turned 130 years old. And what a ride it has been! 6 million visitors each year, and almost 800 million since its inauguration in 1889.

As an honour to everyone who is admiring her, the Iron lady is going on a three day celebration spree! For a full 72 hours the celebration schedule is filled to the brim. Music, live events and a nighttime laser show, which all started yesterday. 


For the occasion different initiatives were taken by the coordinators behind the celebration. Invitations were sent out to 1300 children around the country who were all invited to a small gathering at the venue. The live performance was provided by the French singer Jeanne Added who went on stage just moments before the show went live.



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At 10pm the event took a new turn. Renowned scenographer Bruno Seillier, the mind behind other light animations on famous French monuments throughout the years, cooked up a special show. The show was projected on top of the giant structure, leaving the audience mesmerised. 

Bruno Seillier’s work for the Iron Lady is, simply put, an animated biography of the monument. For 12 minutes, the most important periods the landmark has seen, through its 130 years of existence, is showcased. This travel through light, time and sound truly brings out the magic in any of the scenes projected on the structure. 

For three days straight, with the last day being the 17th, the laser spectacle can be seen every hour from 10pm to midnight. Make sure to stand at Trocadéro or Champs de Mars as the show is best enjoyed from those spots. 



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Tawfik Akachar
Senior Writer, Paris
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