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The Pompidou Centre announces first ever fashion exhibitions

Last week, during the summer party organized by the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, that took place — you guessed it — at the Centre Pompidou, the French National Museum of Modern Art has announced a drastic change in the museum’s direction. Indeed, fashion is announced to be the latest discipline added to the permanent exhibitions at Beaubourg.

During the event, Bernard Blistène, the museum’s director announced the news to a vicinity filled with the most important personalities in the industry. “The Pompidou Centre didn’t, until now, include fashion designers,” Blistène stated. “With president Lasvignes, we have decided to open our collections to fashion designers, which is more than just a decision. It is a statement, as we see fashion designers being closer to great inventors than we thought.”, he added.

With an already great diversity within Paris’ cultural segment, the announcement sure has every head turning towards Beaubourg. The sudden change in the museum’s policy illustrates perfectly the narrowing gap between design, visual arts, architecture and marketing. Fashion designers are now finally seen as artists with powerful visions, as the elites move away from the usual clichés that have been accompanying the discipline for decades. 

With a growing interest in the French population for contemporary fashion and history, and with the consecration of Paris as the world capital of fashion, this decision, to others, may be coming in a bit late. At least it’s happening! The first exhibition has yet to be announced.

Tawfik Akachar

Senior Writer, Paris

Tawfik is a pop culture enthusiast that has a soft spot for the study of emerging movements, casual chic fashion, and technical clothing. Although he loves different foods from all parts of the globe, he considers fried chicken to be the best dish, ever.