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Chic staple brasserie Durand Dupont reopens in Neuilly sur Seine

The chic, pleasant town of Neuilly sur Seine welcomes back a staple of Parisian restaurants. Durand Dupond is reopening, with a brand new design, a new identity and, most importantly for food lovers, a whole new menu.

Opened in 1902 on the town’s marketplace, Durand Dupond has always been in the heart of the debate when it came to chic brasserie options in the latter years. Thanks among other factors, to its massive different spaces, the place continues to make arguments as to which storefront should be worthy of your time. The modern, updated brand identity of the restaurant comes as to comfort the idea of French art-déco heritage, ubiquitous to the western suburbs of the capital city.

The interior design, by Clémence & Clément Goutal, continues to play with this modern take of the first third of last century, with mainly white and pastel colours like blue and green, to remind us of the excellent seafood and vegetables alternatives available every day. Nature is present everywhere: different woods fill up the floor and walls, even outside. While, when it comes to furnishing, faded colours, stripes and elegant patterns dress up the rooms. The piece of resistance surely is the sleek red and black loungy bar area, that you need to check out for reasons other than their excellent cocktail offering. 

On Sundays, the staple on the Parisian restauration scene becomes yet another excellent brunch options for gourmet lovers.

Behind the bar and in the kitchen, Durand Dupond made sure you were in the right hands. Indeed, both Chef Vincent Meunier and executive barman in chief Stéphane Picaut are there to ensure you get the best of both worlds.

Fine wines, fine cocktails and fine dishes, in one of Paris’ finests. 


Durand Dupont’s Official Website

Durand Dupont
14, place du Marché, 92200 Neuilly sur Seine
Tawfik Akachar
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