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Café Pouchkine unveils its new haute de gamme cakes

All you with a sweet tooth, look this way — Café Pouchkine unveils its new gourmet and festive creations! Meaning that not only is Christmas saved but so is the whole month of December! The haute de gamme cakes are created by the talented Chef Pâtissier Patrick Pailler and are for sure much easier to eat than to pronounce.

Café Pouchkine
Coupole “Pouchkine Printemps” Haussmann

The unveiling of the Christmas decorations at Printemps is an awaited event that is sure to surprise every year with its creativity.
This year, café Pouchkine is proud to be part of the decorations “Paillettes Folie”. How you might wonder? By creating an astonishing pastry called Pouchkine Printemps.
This sweet piece of dough is placed on a crispy chocolate praline and dressed in a golden lace made of fruit paste flavoured with blueberry.
It is composed of a dark chocolate mousse, a fruity heart of blueberry and blackcurrant, a light kirsch cream, and a cocoa biscuit soaked in black fruit syrup. It will be up for grabs exclusively at Printemps from 19 November to 20 January 2020
Take away price: 9,20 €

Café Pouchkine
Bûche Tropiki Pouchkine

Bûche Tropiki Pouchkine is like a gift that keeps on giving! Surrounded by a white chocolate cage in orange tones, it is composed of an almond biscuit, a mango confit with fresh mango pieces, an orange biscuit soaked with a white rum-passion syrup, a vanilla mousse from Madagascar and a mango jelly. Didn’t we say that it’s like a gift that keep on giving?
So make sure to place this perfect and exotic pastry on your holiday tables!
Bûche Tropiki Pouchkine
For 6 to 8 people
On sale from 16 December.
Take away price: 80.00 €

Café Pouchkine
Bûche Bayadère Pouchkine

Under a white chocolate ribbon, in the bayadère colours dear to Café Pouchkine, the Bûche Bayadère Pouchkine is light on the taste buds. It consists of a crispy speculoos praline, caramel and vanilla crème brulée, a biscuit of almond and caramel gene bread and a light Jasmine Tea mousse. All graced with elegance that the roses it’s garnished with represents.
Bûche Bayadère Pouchkine
For 8 people
On sale from 16 December.
Take away price: 85.00 €


Café Pouchkine
64 boulevard Haussmann, Paris 75009

+33 1 42 82 43 31
Monday/Saturday 11:00 am-8:00 pm
Thursday 9:30 am – 8:45 pm
Friday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

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